Saturday, March 3, 2018

Some Dark Photos From the MyHeritage After Party at RootsTech 2018

The MyHeritage Roaring 20s After-Party was last night at the Marriott hotel.  I think everyone had a great time.  They did not have karaoke this year - they had a jazz band and a fairly large dance floor, and the entertainers taught Roaring 20s dances.  There music was load, lights were flashing, and there was a video/photo area where attendees could act crazy.

There was hors d'oevre food and drinks, and they had fedora hats and elastic head bands and feathers for those that didn't intentionally dress up for the party.  Like me.  I put on an orange fedora and Linda had a purple head band.  We sat with Hilary Gadsby, Dave Robison, Russ Worthington, Carol Petranek, and several others sat for a spell and visited.

I wandered around a bit and took some photos, but not many because of the dark lighting.  There should be a photo album on Facebook in the coming weeks from the official photographers.

Some of my photos are below:

1)  Lisa, Roger and Karen came in costume:

2)  Angela McGhie and Rebecca Koford:

3)  On the dance floor - I see Maureen Taylor and Amy Crow out there learning 20s dances:

4)  Several geneabloggers acted crazy at the video/photo booth - I see Sharn White, Elizabeth O'Neal, Sheri Fenley, Cheri Passery and Laura Hedgecock here (taken before they acted crazy):

5)  Roberta Estes and MyHeritage host Gilad Japhet:

6)  The Family History Fanatics - Andy, Devon and Caleb Lee:

We headed back to the hotel at about 10:50 p.m. and got to bed late.

Thank you, MyHeritage, for a fun time!

One more day at RootsTech!


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