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Treasure Chest Tuesday - Emily Auble's 1913-1916 High School Grade Card Summary

Today's Tuesday's Treasure is the 1913-1916 high school grade card summary for my grandmother, Emily Kemp Auble (1899-1977), to San Diego High School.

The extracted information on this grade card is:

The numbers in the columns are based on:

1 = Excellent
2+ Good
3 = Fair
4 = Failure

Year I should be the 1913-1914 school year (she enrolled in September 1913)

Year IV should be the 1916-1917 (she apparently left the school at the end of the 1916 school year). 

The  information from this "Grade Card Summary" is:

a)  Year I (9th grade) - 8 and 7 classes

**  English:  1 and 2 
**  German:  2 and 2
**  Spanish:  2 and 3
**  Algebra:  3 and 3
**  Gen. Science:  3 and 1

**  Drawing (F.H.):  1 and 2
** Music (Glee):  2 and --
** Gym:  2 and 2

b)  Year II (10th grade) - 5 and 5 classes

**  English:  2 and 2 
**  German:  3 and 3
**  Spanish:  2 and 2
**  Geometry:  3 and 3
**  Botany:  1 and 1
**  Gym:  2 and 2

c)  Year III (11th grade) - 3 and 3 classes

**  English: 2 and 2
**  Chemistry:  4 and 3
**  Gym:  2 and 3

Grade Summary:

*  1's - 4
*  2's - 13
*  3's - 9
*  4's - 1

*  27 credits  (32 credits were required for graduation)

The source citation for this record is:

San Diego [Calif.] Senior High School, "Entrance Record Card," Cum File Cabinet C-D, Emily Auble card, 1913; San Diego High School Alumni Association History Center, San Diego, California.

The card above is the grade card summary created at the high school for my grandmother, Emily Auble, who enrolled on 8 September 1913.

Note that the grade criteria and the graduation requirements are listed on the other side of the card, which I showed last week.

She did satisfactorily in 9th and 10th grade, but failed a class in 11th grade.  Things were not well at home with her father sick in 1915-1916.  I think she dropped out of school after her father died in March 1916, and went to work to support herself and her mother.  

Emily Auble (1899-1977) was the daughter of Charles Auble (1849-1916) and Georgianna Kemp (1868-1952).  The family moved to San Diego from Chicago in about 1911, and resided at 767 14th Street just east of downtown San Diego, and only six blocks south of San Diego High School.

My friend, and San Diego genealogy colleague, Yvette Porter Moore, is also a graduate of San Diego High School, and is current Historian of the SDHS Alumni Association.  When she told me that on Facebook, I asked her if there were any school records, besides Yearbooks, for me, my mother, and my grandparents.  There were!!  Yvette copied them for me and sent them via email.  I was genea-smacked by them.  What treasures.  More records like this one to come!


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