Monday, June 4, 2018

Randy at Jamboree 2018 - More Day Three Photos

I took more photographs on Saturday on my perambulations around the Conference Center at the SCGS Genealogy Jamboree 2018 Conference, but not too many.  Frankly, I forget to do this because I get involved in conversations, but I did take these:

1)  Genea-bloggers Denise Levenick (left) and Michelle Goodrum (right) with Michele's husband:

2)  My Chula Vista Genealogical Society colleagues Karen Smith and Virginia Taylor:

 3)  Diahan Southard at her exhibit table:

4)  23andMe had a spinning wheel to win a DNA text, a fidget spinner, sunglasses, or a kids DNA book.  We got a book and a spinner.

5)  The FamilyTreeDNA exhibit always seemed to be busy:

6)  Lisa Louise Cooke had overflow crowds at her "little theater" in her exhibit.

That's all the photos I have from the 2018 Genealogy Jamboree!


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