Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Trying Out the FamilySearch Compare-a-Face App

We discussed the FamilySearch Compare-a-Face app on Mondays With Myrt this week, so I went to it to see which relative my face matches best.  The app is at https://familysearch.org/discovery/.

The Discovery page looks like this (for me, not an LDS member):

I clicked on the "Compare-a-Face" item on the left side of the screen above:

 The image above asks me to upload a photo, of myself, so I did, and the system looked at the photos of my ancestors in the FamilySearch Family Tree and ranked them somehow by facial recognition in order of alikeness.

Here is my top match:

My maternal grandmother!  50%.  I figured the beard in my photo would skew the results to the beards in my ancestral photos.

In the screen above, you can see all of the ancestor photos at the top of the screen.  If I click on another one, it shows me the facial comparison:

I figured that perhaps my great-grandfather, Charles Auble, father of my grandmother, would be a close match:

Charlie and I are only 28% alike, perhaps because of the shape of the face, ears, eyes, nose, etc.

Another one - my mother:

28%, but her photo was taken when she was 23 and mine is from age 74.

Last one, Devier J. Smith, my 2nd great-grandfather (1839-1894):

22%.  Again the beard, mustache, ears, eyes, nose play a part here.

In the top line, below the FamilySearch logo, is a "List" link, which provides a summary of your Compare-a-Face results:

This was genealogy fun.  I need to find a full-face photo of my grandmother, and a younger photo of me to do this again.

Obviously, you and your ancestors have to be in the FamilySearch  Family Tree, and have photographs in the Memories section of the Family Tree, in order for this app to work.


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Nancy Hill said...

LOL I loved this. I was 31 % of my mother. and less of the other photos. So I tried a different picture of me 35 years younger, and for some reason it compared me to me and I'm only 81% of myself! LOL What a fun program. I'm also 30% of my father's mother. I could play with this all day!

NCampbell said...

I loved this! I found out that I look more like my aunt on my dad's side of the family than anyone else lol When I compared my photos by age or close to the same age the results were a little different but not a big difference. When I compared the picture of me against another picture of me and the age being a few years apart I received 99% the lowest was 89% because of the age Gap being 10 plus years apart. So that made me feel like the website was very accurate. I'm so glad a friend told me about this website. It's a fun thing to do with your family. ❤️