Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Name of the Year - 2018 Winner is ...

Did you know that there is a "Name of the Year" contest that is handled like the NCAA Basketball tournament?  They start with reader nominations that provide 64 names and have matchups and winners are selected by voters until there is an overall winner in the "championship."

Here is the ballot for 2018 with the 64 contestants.  All of the names are real, according to the website Name of the Year.

There are some interesting, fascinating and different names on that list!  Who would you vote for?

Last year's winner was Kobe Buffalomeat.  The Name of the Year website has a list of previous winners at   http://www.nameoftheyear.com/2007/02/names-of-year.html.

There is also a Hall of Name at http://www.nameoftheyear.com/2007/02/hall-of-name.html.

So who won the 2018 contest?  See A Signature Achievement on the Futility Closet blog (one of my favorite blogs).

Do you have ancestral names that might be put into a genealogy name contest like this?  Make your own recommendation here in a Comment.

So now i'm wondering which names would make a great married name - for instance, if Hallelujah Lulie married Beau Titsworth, would she use the name Hallelujah Titsworth?  And if she married Mosthigh Thankgod, her married name might be Hallelujah Thankgod.  What other fun name combinations do you see?


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Jamie Gates said...

If you start a bracket with some family history names, add Bror Elfving Persson to the list (and his twin sister, Betty Syster Persson, while you're at it!). If they make it on the bracket, I'll share their story on my blog!

Marian B. Wood said...

Boaty McBoatface is my choice for any year. Or perhaps for genealogy, Genee McGeneface?