Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Interesting Article About Finding Autosomal DNA Matches

The New England Historical and Genealogical Society weekly newsletter, The Weekly Genealogist, highlighted an interesting article today about  "We Tried To Find 10 BuzzFeed Employees Just Like Cops Did For The Golden State Killer" by Peter Aldhaus, published 9 April 2019.

The 3rd paragraph says:

"How hard is it to crack cases in this way? And what issues does it raise, as police recruit genealogists to help them solve crimes by sifting through the perpetrators’ extended family trees?"

The article goes on to describe the process they used to select ten employees, the process they used to try to identify those employees using their autosomal DNA test results submitted to GEDmatch, including obtaining genetic genealogy education from DNA expert Leah Larkin (The DNA Geek).

They had decent success, identifying six of the ten employees through use of DNA matches, online trees, online genealogy research, and social media.

Read the entire article.


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