Friday, April 19, 2019

Seeing AncestryDNA ThruLines From Your Ancestry Member Tree Pedigree Chart

I was looking through my Ancestry Member Tree - the one that has my DNA attached to it -  and noted a new "feature" on the Pedigree Chart:

At the bottom of the icons on the left side of the screen is a "DNA" helix icon.  

I clicked on that, and a "DNA Discoveries" card opened on the right side of the screen:

The "ThruLines (TM) Icons" button is set to "Off."

I moved it to "On" by clicking on the right side of the gray "Off" button" and set it to "On:"

Immediately, every person on my pedigree chart, back to 5th great-grandparents, sported a blue "ThruLines(TM) icon."

I clicked on one of my 2nd great grandparents, James Richman, and saw:

The card now has a section for "ThruLines(TM) - with a green button to "View ThruLines for James Richman." 

I clicked on it and saw the ThruLines screen for James Richman:

I wondered if the Profile for an Ancestor has a "ThruLines Icon" also, but I don't see it:

I think that this is a useful feature for Ancestry Member Trees.  It's a short-cut - you don't have to wade through all of your ThruLines on the AncestryDNA ThruLines page to find the ancestor you want.

However, it can be used to show ThruLines:

*  on the Ancestry Member Tree with the DNA results attached to it;

*  for the 5th great-grandparents or closer;

*  for common ancestors that have more than one ThruLine to DNA matches;

*  for ancestors for whom you, as the tree owner, are the only DNA match. 

UPDATED:  The last line above was inaccurate - it was not meant to be exclusive.  I added the third bullet, and changed the 4th bullet above.  It does show the icon when there are other DNA match ThruLines from the common ancestor, but it also shows the icon when the tree owner is the only ThruLine. 


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Gary said...

re:"it is attached to ancestors for whom you, as the tree owner, are the only DNA match." In my observation, these icons simply point to the ThruLines that exist for persons in your tree. Having the owner as the only match is not a criteria. Even your example ThruLine has other DNA matches indicated.

Judith said...

Gary beat me to it. Another handy feature on the Discovery panel is the drop down menu for other DNA kits you may have.

Thanks for finding this for us.

Judith Culver
Ferndale, WA