Thursday, November 14, 2019

AncestryDNA Updated My Ethnicity Estimate (DNA Story)

I heard last night on Facebook that many persons had their AncestryDNA ethnicity estimate updated, so I checked mine (I last looked on Tuesday) and it had changed.

Here is my latest "DNA Story" page at AncestryDNA:

Now, after many iterations, my latest ethnicity estimate is:

*  63% - England, Wales, & Northwestern Europe 
*  23% Germanic Europe
*  6% - Norway
*  5% - Ireland and Scotland
*  3% - Sweden

The previous DNA Story was (from the end of October):

The previous AncestryDNA ethnicity estimate was:

*  84% - England, Wales, & Northwestern Europe 
*  13% - Norway
*  3% - Ireland and Scotland

So they split off Germanic Europe from the England and Wales, and Sweden from Norway.  It's about time.

How does the new estimate match with my "paper trail?" I have published that previously based on where I think my ancestors lived in about 1500 AD (I know, that's not exactly "ethnicity").   Here is that estimate:

68%  British Isles
24%  Germany
1%  Holland
1%  France
6%  Unknown (perhaps some are French, or English, or Native American)

I have no known Irish or Scottish, or Norwegian and Swedish, ancestors after 1600.  It's likely that I have some who settled in England before 1500 (I'm thinking, Danes, Vikings, Normans, Irish, Scots, etc.) but I don't know any particulars doe to the lack of pertinent records.

This latest ethnicity estimate is the closest that AncestryDNA has come to my "paper trail" ethnicity.  Good on them!


Disclosure:  I have had a fully paid subscription since 2000.  I received a complimentary autosomal DNA test when Ancestry introduced the test many years ago. has also provided material considerations for travel expenses to meetings, and has hosted events and meals that I have attended in Salt Lake City, in past years.

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