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Misteaks Happen - A FamilySearch Family Tree Correction

I am so imperfect sometimes.  Back in July 2019, I added Jane B. "Jennie" Seaver to the FamilySearch Family Tree using the RootsMagic FamilySearch Tools.  She was born in 1858 in Porter, Rock county, Wisconsin to William Franklin and  Malinda (Shepard) Seaver, married Charles A. Brooks (1848-1932) in 1882 in Rock county, Wisconsin, and died in 1960 in Wisconsin and buried in Cooksville, Rock County, Wisconsin.

When I added her to the FamilySearch Family Tree, I saw that there was a possible duplicate entry - for a Jennie Seaver (1858-1960) born and died in Wisconsin married to Charles Brooks.  The dates and places of birth and death, and the spouse's name, were the same - so I merged the two profiles.  Two children were attached to the second Jennie Seaver - Marcus C. Brooks and Ellen Brooks, and the family was enumerated in the 1910 U.S. Census in Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York.  So now I  had  the Charles A. and Jane B. "Jennie" (Seaver) Brooks family in Family Tree with two children and residing in New York in 1910.  Logical.  But wrong!

Earlier this week, another researcher saw this and messaged me on FamilySearch saying:

"Trying to understand my Brooks line better.
Can you help me understand why it says on Marcus Colin Brooks' marriage record, his mother is Jennie Walrath or Nalrath (writing on record image unclear)?
Also, you have an alternate name for her as Jennie Warren.
Thanks for any input you have!"

Hmmm.  This second researcher had entered Marcus Colin Brooks into Family Tree as a new profile with parents of Charles H. Brooks and Jennie Walrath.  Then she found the possible duplicate Marcus C. Brooks with the same birth information, and merged the two profiles, and contacted me.  Now Marcus Colin Brooks had two sets of parents.  

After more research, I responded to her message saying:

"This looks like a case of two Jennies marrying two different Charles Brooks. Let's see if we can unwind it.

"It is clear to me that Jane B. "Jennie" Seaver (1858-1960) married Charles A. Brooks in 1882 in Rock county, Wisconsin (from the source attached to both of them). The 1960 Find A Grave memorial names her as Jane B. Seaver Brooks. The 1900 US census records for 1900, 1920 and 1930 in Dane County, WI show Charles and Jennie Brooks with no children.

"The 1910 and 1920 US Census records for Charles H. and Jennie Brooks in Syracuse NY show son M. Colin and daughter Ellen. There may be other census records for them, or other records.

"What is apparent to me is that Marcus Colin Brooks is the son of Charles H. Brooks and Jennie Walrath (?) of New York and not Charles A. Brooks and Jennie Seaver of Wisconsin.

"There are two different marriage records for Marcus Colin Brooks in NY - one names Jennie Walrath and the other Jennie Nalrath - that is an indexing problem, caused probably by different interpretations of Jennie's last name. The writing is difficult on the marriage license I saw.

The best thing to do here is to remove Marcus and Ellen Brooks from Charles A. Brooks and Jane B. Seaver and make sure they are attached to Charles H. Brooks and Jennie Walrath. I will do that if you agree to it, or you can do it if you want to.

Jennie Warren? Perhaps that came along with the merge. I don't know anything about Jennie Walrath - she and Charles H. Brooks are not in my RootsMagic family tree, but Charles A. Brooks and Jane B. Seaver are in my family tree.

The father of Marcus Colin Brooks is certainly Charles H. Brooks, and you should be following that line and not the line of Charles A. Brooks.

Apparently, I merged the two Jennies back in July by mistake. The person merged into Jane B. Seaver was "Jennie Seaver" (1858-1960) who had the two children Marcus and Ellen attached to her. Several other users (including FamilySearch) attached the Jennie Seaver profile with the two kids to Charles A. Brooks. However, I think the info outlined above is correct. Do you agree?

I received a message today from the second researcher saying that she agrees with me and asks if I can perform the "removal" of the two children from Charles A. and Jane B. (Seaver) Brooks.

Here is the Marcus Colin Brooks entry in FamilySearch Family Tree as of yesterday:

To correct the two parents problem, I have to remove Marcus and Ellen Brooks from the first set of parents and leave then with the Chas. H. and Jennie (Walrath) Brooks family.  

On the screen above, I clicked on the checked box next to Marcus Colin Brooks in the first "Parents and Siblings" family in the middle of the screen, and saw the "Remove or Replace":

On the screen above, I clicked on the box for "I have reviewed the relationships..." and then clicked on the blue "Remove Parents" button.   I was asked to write a reason for the removal and typed in my reason:

After clicking the blue "Remove" button, the profile for Marcus Colin Brooks looks like this:

I'm not done yet, because now I have to "Replace" the parents of the daughter Ellen Louise Brooks by putting her into the Charles H. and Jennie (Walrath) Brooks family. I did that using a similar process to the above, and now the profiles for everyone concerned are corrected.

Here is the corrected Jane B. Seaver profile in Family Tree: 

As you can see, the Charles A. and Jane B. (Seaver) Brooks family no longer has two children.

So I've corrected the two families, and Marcus and Ellen Brooks are placed with their correct parents.

This was my mistake because I merged the two profiles without double-checking everything.  The 1910 census record was the key - the Charles H. Brooks family in New York had the child Marcus, and the Charles A. Brooks family in Wisconsin had no children in the 1900, 1920 or 1930 census.

This was a lot easier to perform than to explain.  It is a logical process with several steps.  Removal or replacement of parents or spouses, or deletion of a person, have to be performed in the FamilySearch Family Tree system, and cannot be performed in the RootsMagic FamilySearch Tools system.


Copyright (c) 2019, Randall J. Seaver

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