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Randy's Autosomal DNA Test and Analysis Summary - 29 January 2020

My last list of my Autosomal DNA test and analysis results was posted in Randy's Autosomal DNA Test and Analysis Summary - 5 November 2019.

Here is the update, with comparison to almost three months ago (5 November 2019).  I'm curious to see how my numbers have increased:

1)  Ancestry DNA:

*  Total Matches (6 cM or more):  63,951 matches (was 62,093 matches on 11/5/19)
*  Matches with 68 cM (1.0%) or more: 25 matches (was 24 on 11/5/19)
*  Matches with 34 cM (0.5%) or more:  129 matches (was 124 on 11/5//19)
*  4th Cousins or closer (20 cM): 1,410 matches (was 1,373 on 11/5/19)
*  Matches with Common Ancestors:  390 (was 332 on 11/5/19)
*  Highest match has 779 cM (11.5%), and is one of my known first cousins.

2)  MyHeritageDNA:

*  Total Matches (8 cM or more):   8,033 matches (was 7,118 on 11/5/19)
*  Matches with 68 cM (1.0%) or more:  5 matches (was 4 on 11/5/19)
*  Matches with 34 cM (0.5 %) or more:  88 matches (was 68 on 11/5/19)
*  Number of Theories of Family Relativity:  12 (11 correct)  (was 12 on 11/5/19)
*  Highest Match has 512 cM (7.1%), and is one of my first cousins once removed.

3)  23andMe:

*  Total DNA Relatives Matches (7 cM or more):  1,286 Matches (was 1,239 on 11/5/19)
*  Matches with 68 cM (1.0%) or more:  26 Matches (was 24 on 11/5/19)
*  Matches with 34 cM (0.5%) or more:  121 Matches (was 91 on 11/5/19)
*  Highest Match has 112 cM (1.54%), and is an adoptee.

4)  FamilyTreeDNA:

*  Total Family Finder Matches (18 cM or more, but counts segments with 3 cM or more):  3,536 Matches (was 3,407 on 11/5/19)
*  Matches with 68 cM (1.0%) or more:  16 (was 16 on 11/5/19)
*  Matches with 34 cM (0.5%) or more:  2,360 matches (was 2,258 on 11/5/19)
*  Highest Match has 96 cM (1.42%) and is an unknown cousin.

5)  LivingDNA:

*  Total Matches:  0 (was 0 on 11/5/19)

6)  GEDMatch:

*  Matches with 68 cM (1.0%) or more:  1 (was 1 on 11/5/19)
*  Matches with 34 cM (0.5%) or more: 39 (was 41 on 11/5/19)
*  Matches with 20 cM or more:  ~445 (was ~570 on 11/5/19)
*  Highest Match has 86.8  cM and is a known 3rd cousin

7)  Summaries:

*  In three months, I added only 4 matches with 1.0% or more cMs, one on AncestryDNA, one on MyHeritageDNA, and two on 23andMe.

*  My AncestryDNA 4th cousins or better has increased only 2.7% in 3 months, and total matches have increased 3.0%.  

*  MyHeritageDNA total matches have increased 12.9% in 3 months, and 4th cousins or better matches have increased 29.4%.

*  23andMe total matches have increased 3.8%, and 4th cousins or better matches have increased 8.3%.

*  FamilyTreeDNA total matches have increased 3.8%.  Because they count segments as small as 3 cM, the 20 cM for 4th cousins is meaningless.

*  I still have no matches at Living DNA.

*  It appears that the problems at GEDmatch has cost me at least 125 4th cousin or better matches (about 22%).

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Louis Kessler said...

Randy, do you also keep track of the number of known cousins among your DNA matches at each company?

Randy Seaver said...

Louis, I don't keep a spreadsheet up-to-date with known cousins, although I should.

When I "know" the common ancestor of a DNA match, and "know" the line of the match from the common ancestor (after entering it into RootsMagic and finding records to support each relationship), I add a "DNA Match" event to the match person's facts in RootsMagic, noting the relationship, the shared cM, the common ancestors, etc. I then put them into a Group in RootsMagic - I have groups for AncestryDNA matches (over 100), MyHeritageDNA matches (about 8), FamilyTreeDNA matches (1?) and 23andMe Matches (1). I also have a Facebook Friends group in RM.

Because I have so few known common ancestors on MyHeritageDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, 23andme and GEDmatch, I can't do a very good job of using DNA Painter to work on my chromosome painting. If AncestryDNA had a chromosome browser I would be much more advanced in DNA Painter entry.

Betsey Cotter said...

I made a spreadsheet for myself this morning and have a comment, question, and an observation.
1) I modified "Top Match" to "Top 5 Unknown Matches."
2) Why did you pick 68cM and 34 cM as parameters?
3) I have a "Top 5 Unknown Match" at 3 testing sites with different results:
93cM at FTDNA (2C-4C), 84cM at MyHeritage (3C-4C), and 72cM at Ancestry (4C-6C). I don't know if she tested at all 3 sites or uploaded from Ancestry to the others. Comparison of the chromosome data confirms the MH and FTDNA kits are the same person.

Any thoughts about the different cM results?
Betsey Cotter, Seattle

Randy Seaver said...

Hi Betsey,

1) Good idea to list the top 5 unknown matches - you might try to contact them and see if they can identify a common ancestor from your tree, or encourage them to add more ancestors to their tree. Especially for the FTDNA and MH matches because then you have a chromosome browser to get the actual segments for further use in, say, DNA Painter.

2) 68 cM is 1% of the total, and 34 cM is 0.5% of the total number of approximately 6800 cMs used by the companies to order the matches. My selection of 68 and 34 was arbitrary - numbers I can remember.

3) I don't know why the number of cM for your match is that different. I can guess. The FTDNA number is higher because they count segments larger than 3 cM, while Ancestry counts segments larger than 6 cM and MyHeritage larger than 8 cM. It may be that MyHeritage and Ancestry use different SNPs to calculate the segments, or one of the companies made a mistake. It would be a good question for the Genetic Genealogy Tips and Techniques Facebook Group to see what an expert like Blaine Bettinger would think.

Betsey Cotter said...

Thanks for the feedback, Randy! I enjoy your blog.