Wednesday, February 12, 2020

MyHeritage In Color™ Launched - Colorize Your Black and White Photos

I received this information form MyHeritage on Tuesday:


I’m thrilled to share that we have just launched MyHeritage In Color™ — a breakthrough new feature that automatically colorizes your black and white photos in seconds!

Based on deep learning technology, MyHeritage In Color™ brings your family history to life, revealing never-before-seen details — the results will blow you away!

This feature uses the world's most advanced technology for photo colorization, which is available exclusively on MyHeritage and is under license from DeOldify, created by Jason Antic and Dana Kelley. It allows you to do more than look at old photos — it lets you experience them, creating a deeper connection with your family history than you ever thought possible. 

Moreover, as part of our commitment to preserving the authenticity of historical documents, colorized photos will appear with a special embossed palette symbol at the bottom left corner of the photo to differentiate them from images photographed originally in color. All original black and white photos will, of course, remain intact and are not changed by the colorization process. 

Use our new MyHeritage In Color™ page to upload photos to MyHeritage and colorize them instantly or scan in your photos using MyHeritage’s free mobile app. 

Please find more information about MyHeritage In Color™ in the:

Press release:

Blog post:

You can also watch the promo videos here:

Promo video 1:

Promo video 2:


NOTE:  A subscriber to MyHeritage receives unlimited use of this feature.  A guest user (not a MyHeritage subscriber) can colorize ten photos before being asked to subscribe to MyHeritage.

I have used this to colorize several of my family photographs and it works well.  I will write a separate blog post showing some of my examples.

Disclosure:  I  receive a complimentary subscription from MyHeritage for publicizing MyHeritage events and products.  I have accepted financial considerations from MyHeritage and Legacy Family Tree in past years for services rendered and for conference luncheons.

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