Tuesday, February 11, 2020

RootsTech 2020 SLC Class Handouts Available on Mobile App

I decided I had better peruse the class schedules on the RootsTech mobile app to see what I might want to attend.

I found that the syllabus articles (class articles) for many of the 300 classes are now available on the RootsTech mobile app (but are not yet available on the website).  The process of accessing the syllabi articles on the mobile app is somewhat complex - it takes some time to get to them and either read or download or email them to yourself on the mobile app.  Here is the process I use:

1)  Finding Them on the RootsTech mobile app:

a)  On the RootsTech mobile app dashboard, tap "Conference Schedule:"

b)  You have a choice on the next screen - "Browse by Day," "Browse by Family History Skill Level," "Browse by Session Type," or "Browse by Technology Skill:"

c)  I chose "Browse by Day:"

2)  Choosing a Class to Review:

a)  The "Conference Schedule in the "Browse by Day" opens with the dates across the top.  Mine opened on the first day - Wed[nesday]:

b)  All of the day's classes are listed on this screen by time slot.  I scrolled down a bit on the screen above, and saw an interesting title "Kicking DNA Up a Notch to Unmask Unknown Ancestors" by Roberta Estes.  Note that there is a PDF icon next to that class - that means that there is a syllabus article for that class.

c)  I tapped on the class on the screen above and saw the top of the class information:

 Scrolling down reveals the "Resources" section with a Handout - you do have to tap the "Handouts" link to see the handout link at the bottom of the screen below:

3)  Working With the Handout:

a)  After tapping on the class handout link on the screen above, the screen changed to give me a choice of actions - I could "Take Notes on Handout," "Download Handout" or "Email Handout:"

b)  If I choose "Take notes on Handout" then the PDF opens and I can read it and by clicking the Note icon on the top right of the screen, make a note.  At thisp oint I can also email it or download it:

c)  If I choose to "Download Handout" then I have an additional choice to "Open Handout In-App" or "Open Handout in PDF" where I can save it to a file or use AirDrop:

c)  If I choose "Email Handout" then the screen opens with the email form and I have to type in my email address:

d)  I usually do the "Email Handout" to myself and then copy/paste the syllabus article to a RootsTech 2020 SLC file on my computer.

4)  Saving the Emailed file:

a)  Although the title of the talk is in the email subject, the email contains a link to the handout on the website that is not useful:

b)  I can click on the link to open the file, then download the PDF to my RootsTech 2020 SLC file folder.  I then change the name of the file to Author-Title.pdf.  In the case above, I would rename the file to be Estes - Kicking DNA Up a Notch.pdf.

5)  Then go back into the mobile app and find the next class you want to download the syllabus for.  I do two time slots at a time and save 20 to 25 handouts at a sitting to my email.  Then I do the file renaming as I save them to the file folder.

6)  As I mentioned at the beginning, this download from the mobile app is a bit more cumbersome than downloading from the website when the links are available on the website.  Check   https://www.rootstech.org/salt-lake-schedule for the PDF icons and the path to the class syllabi.  The website process will be similar to the above, but the user can download the articles right to the file folder, then change the file name to something easily findable when you are looking for a specific file in the file folder.


DISCLOSURE:  I am a RootsTech Ambassador and have been for the past nine years.  I receive a complimentary four day registration to RootsTech 2020 SLC for publicizing and reporting on the conference.

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