Wednesday, March 4, 2020

RootsTech 2020 SLC Expo Hall Photos

At RootsTech 2020 Salt Lake City last week, I spent much of my time in the Expo Hall - visiting vendors and working in the Media Hub, which was in the southwest corner of the main Expo Hall.

I visited a lot of vendors, but did not take pictures of many of them.  Here are some of my Expo Hall photos:

a)  The busiest vendor must have been the Genealogy Wall Charts - there were many computers and the employees were busy all the time pulling charts off the printers and selling them:

b)  On Saturday, the Billion Graves exhibit had hundreds of bright orange balloons that they gave to every child that came by.  They were pretty much gone by 1:30 p.m.

c)  Cousin Russ [Worthington] had his regular Help Bar in the Family Tree Maker exhibit, and had customers all the time:

d)  The Demo stage had a big screen, comfortable chairs, and speakers every 20 minutes or so throughout the conference.

e)  The DNA Basics Learning Center had speakers on a schedule and always seemed to be busy:

f)  Jonny Perl's DNA Painter exhibit was always busy:

g)  One of the new offerings was FileShadow - a safe place for your photos and documents:

h)  The NEHGS exhibit had this Mayflower 1620 poster which has the passenger names around the central images:

i)  MyHeritage had a Mayflower 400th anniversary virtual reality area which was busy:

j)  Here is the Mayflower scale model in the NEHGS exhibit:

k)  At the Nordic Genealogy exhibit, the young lady on the left is my wife's cousin, sharing Norwegian ancestry from Voss in Norway and Dane County, Wisconsin:

l)  I had a wonderful conversation with Michelle Chubenko and Brooke Ganz at the Reclaim the Records exhibit - great work here!

m)  As you walk into the front door of the Salt Palace, there was this Story board with pages that attendees could write on.  Thousands did:

n)  The Tapestrees exhibit had many interesting jewelry and wall display and table display items for sale - all with a tree:

o)  The WikiTree staff, including founder Chris Whitten, lined up for a photo:

I have more photos but have not transferred them to my desktop computer yet.  I may post another set of photos later in the week.


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