Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Relatives at RootsTech Mobile App

One of the "fun" things I did at RootsTech 2020 SLC last week was I accessed the Family Tree mobile app and ran the "Relatives at RootsTech" analysis on my smart phone.

Here is the screen after I opened the app and tapped on the link for "Relatives at RootsTech" (note that this only works at RootsTech and that other users have to opt in):

The screen above says that I have 6,556 relatives of the 9,004 attendees who have opted in on the mobile app.  The screen above are my top relatives - I won't show the other 600 screens!

Look who's #4 on the list above - my good friend and Director of the Family history Library, David E. Rencher.  I can click on his name and see our common ancestors and our lines from the common ancestor:
The mobile app indicates that we are 5th cousins twice removed, according to FamilySearch Family Tree.  The common ancestor is Elizabeth Bloodgood (1702-1770).

I did see one other person I know, Rick Sayre, on the first 100 matches or so.  He is my 7th cousin with a common ancestor of Richard Cutter (1682-1756).

At the FamilySearch exhibit in the Expo Hall, they showed this display about this mobile app data on the morning I took the photo:

This was fun.  But it depends on the accuracy of the input to the FamilySearch Family Tree.


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