Sunday, March 1, 2020

Randy's RootsTech Recap - Day 4 (Saturday)

This was the last day of RootsTech 2020 Salt Lake City, and I stayed busy all day.  No classes, some photos, some blogging, some talking with vendors, and then a superb after-party.

I was up by 6:30 a.m., reviewed my email and blogs, went for my oatmeal at the coffee shop, and took TRAX to the Salt Palace.  I went into the Expo Hall and Media Hub at about 8:30 a.m..  I wrote several blog posts, updated the Best Of and compendium posts, talked with other bloggers in the Media Hub, and walked around the Expo Hall several times.  I even did the virtual reality experience at the MyHeritage exhibit as if I was aboard the Mayflower in 1620.  Interesting.  At the FamilySearch exhibit, I ran the "Relatives at RootsTech" feature on the Family Tree mobile app and had over 7,000 "cousins" at RootsTech, each with a FamilySearch Family Tree common ancestor descent.

At lunch time, I wandered over to the big lunchroom on the northwest side of the center, and had a rice bowl with James and Ann Tanner.  Then it was back through the Expo Hall to take photos, see more friends, and back in the Media Hub I wrote several more blog posts.  The Expo Hall closed at 3 p.m., so I headed back to the hotel and took a short nap, and again read blogs and email.

At 5:30, I left for the Plaza Hotel on TRAX  to meet Diane so we could Uber to the DearMYRTLE After Party at Pat and Grodon's house.  Our ride came at 6:15 and we got there by 6:45 p.m.  Very efficient - my first Uber ride.  Thank you, Diane, for suggesting this.  We ate a tasty dinner (Olive Garden Pasta Fagoli, breadsticks, salads, and German desserts - thank you, Maria!!).   There were about 35 attendees, and I didn't know everyone.  I met several new people.

After we had eaten, we were taken downstairs to play a search game based on the Christmas scenes on cases and shelves around their family room.  We each had two pieces of paper - one was to find a specific scene and comment on it and the other was to determine a favorite scene on a specific shelf.  Then a number of attendees shared their answers.  Finally, we took a large group photograph (see below).  It was approaching 9 p.m. and Diane requested another Uber ride, and I was back to my hotel at about 10 p.m.

I had an early get-up on Sunday, so I went to bed and let the alarm on my phone wake me up at 5 a.m.  I made it home by 12 noon today, but did see the snow falling in SLC through the airplane window.  Linda was happy to see me, I think!

Some photographs from Friday and Saturday:

a)  Miss Peggy (Clemens) Lauritzen and me:

b)  Amberly Beck (the genealogy girl) came by the Media Hub to say hello:

c)  Lisa Alzo came by the Media Hub and we had our picture taken with Cheri Hudson Passey:

c)  Marian Pierre-Louis (she works for Legacy Family Tree) and I had a great chat at the MyHeritage dinner on Friday night and we took this photo on Saturday:

d)  I had lunch on Friday with Roberta Estes, who writes the DNAeXplained - Genetic Genealogy blog, and is one of the best DNA experts in our tribe), and we took this photo in the Media Hub on Saturday:

e)  Here I am in the MyHeritage Mayflower exhibit after I did the Virtual Reality adventure aboard the Mayflower:

g)  David Allen Lambert of NEHGS was dressed up as John Billington of the Mayflower several days:

h)  Andy and Devon Noel Lee were selling books and helping at Lisa Louise Cooke's booth:

i)  The group photograph from the DearMYRTLE After-Party at the home of Pat and Gordon Erickson in South Jordan.  How many of these folks do you know?  Can you find me in the photo?

I'm not done with photographs, but I need to take some time and upload more of them to my desktop computer.


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