Thursday, June 11, 2020

Genea-Musings Is One of Family Tree Magazines 101 Best Genealogy Websites of 2020

Family Tree Magazine has several "Best Of" lists each year, and Genea-Musings is on the 2020 list of "101 Best Genealogy Websites" - see

They sent me a "badge" to put on my blog:

The websites are arranged in these categories:
David A. Fryxell summarized the content of each site.

The Best Genealogy News Websites and Blogs include these sites:
Please review the entire list and visit those sites that you find that look interesting or helpful.  There are several that I was not aware of before seeing this list.

Thank you to Family Tree Magazine for this honor - I appreciate it!


Disclosure:  I am a longtime subscriber to Family Tree Magazine, and have not received financial or other considerations from the magazine or its parent company.

Copyright (c) 2020, Randall J. Seaver

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Linda Stufflebean said...

Congratulations again, Randy. You definitely deserve the honor.

backrowbass said...

Congratulations, Randy. Well earned.

Lacie Madison said...

Congrats, Randy. You deserve it.

Lisa S. Gorrell said...

Congratulations, Randy! You are among the best.

Elizabeth O'Neal said...

Well-deserved, Randy. Keep going! :-)

Old Bones Search said...

Hard to find many who work as hard or are as diligent as you and your blog. Well deserved. Congratulations!

RonNasty said...

Congratulations Randy. You definitely earned the recognition. I don't have any Seaver's in my tree, but I still find your stuff you post fascinating. Keep up the good work.

MCC said...

Fantastic!! Congratulations Randy, well !