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Dipping Into Denmark Church Records: 1841 Death and Burial Record of Peder Jensen Hede (1753-1841)

My grandsons have Danish ancestry through their father.  His great-grandparents came from Denmark in 1906 and settled in Chicago.

FamilySearch has a nice list of 28 Denmark record collections, and many of them are indexed and have record images.  I am using the "Denmark Church Records, 1484-1941" collection for these records.

Today, I'm looking for the 1841 death and burial record of Peder Jensen Hede
 in Vigsø, Thisted, Denmark:

Here is the death record summary image:

And the actual record image is:

The confirmation record is the 6th record down the right-hand page.  Here is the record:

The first column is an index number.  The second column is the death date, the third column is the burial date, the 4th column is the person's name, the 5th column is information (probably with a father's name!), and the 6th column is an age.

So Peder Jensen Hede died 6 May 1841 and was buried 14 May 1841, at age 88 years.  I think it says his father's name is Jens Pedersen Hede of Nyetorp.  

The heading on this record in FamilySearch indicates that this is from the Thisted > Hillerslev > Rær church records.  The summary page says Vigsø, Thisted, Denmark.  I don't understand which place name to use now.  Perhaps Vigso is the current place name and Raer, Hillerslev is the former place name, or vice versa.

The source citation for this confirmation record is:

"Danmark Kirkebøger, 1484-1941," database with images,   FamilySearch  ( : 17 June 2020), Peder Jensen Hede, 6 May 1841; Death, Vigsø, Thisted, Danmark, , Rigsarkivet, København (The Danish National Archives), Copenhagen.

I have found no birth or marriage records for Peder Jensen Hede in these church records.

From the information I have Peder Jensen Hede was born about 1753, and married Anna Pedersdatter (1750-1823) before 1797.  Their son, Lauritz Pedersen Hede (1799-1858), married Mette Catherine Poulsdatter (1802-1878) in 1830.  Peder Jensen Hede and Anna Pedersdatter are my grandsons' 5th great-grandparents.

I don't have an original source for the parents of Lauritz Pedersen Hede - only  online family tree information, so this may not be his father.  Lauritz's father's first name was Peder, but Vigso is about 100 miles north of Gram, Haderslev where Lauritz settled.  This may be the wrong father of Lauritz Pedersen Hede.

Note that these records are also on ($$) and ($$).

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