Friday, September 11, 2020

I Received My New AncestryDNA Ethnicity Estimate

AncestryDNA posted Ancestry® Delivers More Precise Ethnicity Estimates Powered by the World’s Largest Consumer DNA Network today.

 When I checked my DNA Story on AncestryDNA, I noticed that my ethnicity estimates have changed a bit.  Here is my latest (11 September 2020) ethnicity estimate:

Here is my previous ethnicity estimate (screen captured on 9 September 2020):

So I've lost 17% from England, Wales and Northwestern Europe; I've gone from 5% Ireland and Scotland to 19% Scotland and 7% Ireland; I've gone from 3% Sweden to 7% Sweden, and from 6% Norway to 5% Norway.

My estimated ancestral origin estimate from my known ancestors in about 1600 CE is:

*  68%  British Isles (but just 1% to 2% from Ireland and Scotland)
*  24%  Germany/Switzerland
*  1%  Holland/Belgium
*  1%  France
*  6%  Unknown (perhaps some are French, some are English)

My last comparison of ethnicity estimates from all of the providers is in

As we all know, these are ESTIMATES based on reference populations.  My DNA hasn't changed, but the ethnicity estimates of five different companies are all different because they use different reference groups.  I still think the 23andMe estimate is closest to my ancestral estimate.


Disclosure:  I received a complimentary test kit from AncestryDNA a long time ago.  

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