Wednesday, February 10, 2021

"How To Kiss A Girl" Newspaper Advertisement from 1911

 My Chula Vista Genealogical Society colleague Carole found this advertisement somewhere and thought I should publish it in the CVGS newsletter.  I said "heck, it's worthy of a blog post."  So I will do both!

So what is "Listerated Pepsin Gum" and why is it necessary to use it to do this?  

The Newport, Rhode Island Historical Society has a 1915 advertisement from Cosmopolitan magazine about listerated pepsin gum - see  The ad on the web page says this about it:

"Listerated gum contains aromatic antiseptic oils which impart a distinctive and captivating flavor, and, in addition, purify the mouth and protect the teeth.  It's daily use is a 'health-habit' of great benefit, and clean teeth, sweet breath, easier digestion, and allayed nervousness."

Gee whiz, this would have really helped me in the late 1950s and early 1960s!  I always preferred Juicy Fruit.  Maybe that was my problem with getting close to young ladies!  I never thought to say "your rosebud lips remind me of Cupid's bow."  Or ask her what type of gum she prefers.  I wonder if I should practice my technique on Angel Linda now, and I wonder if she ever chewed listerated pepsin gum.


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twobeavs said...

This is one of your all time best posts. I opened this post at 6AM,, and the ad on how to kiss a girl was the first thing I read, What a super chuckle I had. A fantastic way to start the day. THANKS