Monday, February 8, 2021

Is This the Best Gravestone Ever?

On today's Mondays With Myrt webinar, panelist Frank Jatzek in Germany shared this gravestone that is found at

Isn't that a great gravestone?  Ten generations from the top to the bottom.  I wonder how much it cost?

This gravestone is in the Sweetheart Abbey cemetery in New Abbey, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, but it is not on Find A Grave. 

I love the translation of the name Jardine - "Old Norse for Javelin Thrower."

The same photo, and a view of the other side of the stone with several more generations, is at

During the webinar, we wondered if the source citations for this information was on the other side of the stone, but now we know they are not.  Were they buried with the person under the gravestone? 


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twobeavs said...

I had a tax meeting so had to leave Dear Myrt early yesterday. As a result, missed this. I'm sure gland Frank posted it, and Thank You for posting it too. This is fabulous, costly but so worth it to the family.

leslie rubinson said...

does anyone know what the symbols in the upper corners represent?

Linda Stufflebean said...

My favorite is the last image - Hard Core Genealogist to the End - in this old post of mine: