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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- Your "Place Line"

 Calling all Genea-Musings Fans: 

 It's Saturday Night again - 

Time for some more Genealogy Fun!!

Here is your assignment, should you decide to accept it (you ARE reading this, so I assume that you really want to play along - cue the Mission Impossible music!):

We're all familiar with Timelines - date, location, event, etc. - for events in our lives.  This week, create a Place Line for your life, or for the life of one of your parents or grandparents - your choice! In that Place Line, tell us the location (address if possible), inclusive dates (if possible), and events. Consider topics like residence, schools, churches, employment, etc.

2)  Tell us about it in your own blog post, in a comment to this post, or in a Facebook Status post.  Please leave a link in a comment to this post.

Here's mine:

1) Residences:

* 577 Twin Oaks Avenue, Chula Vista CA; 1943-1944; from birth to moving back to my mother's family home.

* 2130 Fern Street, San Diego CA; 1944-1945; my mother and I moved in with her parents, Lyle and Emily (AubleCarringer, when my father went into the Navy until he returned home.

* 2114 Fern Street, San Diego CA; 1945-1946; my family lived in this two bedroom apartment until my brother was born.

* 2116 Fern Street, San Diego CA; 1946-1947; my family moved upstairs into the larger apartment.

* 2119 30th Street, San Diego CA; 1947-1967; my family moved into the upstairs apartment owned by my grandparents on 30th Street. This is the place I remember best.

* 4568 Idaho Street (approximately), San Diego CA; January 1867-July 1967; I moved into my own apartment, then was laid off at work.

* 2119 30th Street, San Diego CA; July 1967-February 1968; I moved back in with my parents, and found another job.

* 1099 Turquoise Street, San Diego CA; February 1968-July 1968; I moved into a beach apartment unit with my buddy John, who didn't pay his share of the rent.  Pffft.

* 4410 Oregon Street, San Diego CA; July 1968-February 1970; I moved into my own apartment again after splitting up with good buddy John; it was close to Aztec Bowl (where I drank, bowled and hung out with other reprobates)

* 540 C Street, Apt. 10, Chula Vista CA; March 1970-December 1971; I married Linda, and this was our first apartment as a married couple.

* 755 Coleman Court, San Diego CA; December 1971-April 1975; we bought a three-bedroom house on Otay Mesa.

* 1154 Via Trieste, Chula Vista CA; April 1975-present; we sold the Coleman Court house, and bought the Via Trieste house - four bedrooms, cul-de-sac, better schools.

2) Schools

* Brooklyn Elementary School, on block between A Street and Ash Street, and Fern Street and 30th Street in San Diego CA; September 1948-June 1955; I attended Kindergarten through 6th Grade.

* Theodore Roosevelt Junior High School, on southwest corner of Upas Street and Park Boulevard in San Diego CA; September 1955 to June 1958; I attended 7th through 9th grade.

* San Diego High School, on northeast corner or Park Boulevard and Russ Boulevard in San Diego CA; September 1958 to June 1961; I attended 10th through 12th grade.

* San Diego State University, on College Avenue in San Diego CA; September 1861-January 1966; I attended 4.5 years of college and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering.

3) Churches

* St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church, on College Avenue in San Diego CA; 1950; I was baptized in this church but don't think I ever attended a service there.

* Brooklyn Heights Presbyterian Church, southeast corner of Fir Street and 30th Street; about 1955 to 1958; my brother and I attended Sunday School and youth group off and on for several years.

Chula Vista Presbyterian Church, 940 Hilltop Drive, Chula Vista CA; February 1970 to present; Linda and I were married here, are members and attend regularly.

4) Employment

* Brooklyn Heights in San Diego CA (area bounded by Fir Street, Fern Street, Date Street, 28th Street); about 1954 to about 1959; my brother and I had a twice-weekly newspaper route with about 100 customers.

* Rough Acres Ranch, Boulevard CA; July 1963 to August 1963; worked for San Diego Chargers as a camp boy for six weeks of training camp. Got free tickets to exhibition games in Balboa Stadium!

* Corner of Shafter Street and Shelter Island Drive in San Diego CA; June 1964-September 1964; I worked for Wagner Aircraft as a summer intern.

* 8225 Center Drive, La Mesa CA; June 1965 to March 1967; worked as a summer intern at Sunrise Aircraft until January 1966, then as an aerodynamics engineer until March 1967 when the company folded and I was laid off.

* Foot of H Street, Chula Vista CA; October 1967 to October 1992; hired by Rohr Aircraft in October 1967 as Aerodynamics engineer.

* 850 Lagoon Drive, Chula Vista CA; October 1992-July 1998; Rohr Inc. office moved to this location in October 1992.

* 850 Lagoon Drive, Chula Vista CA; July 1998 to August 2002; Rohr Inc. acquired by Goodrich Corp. and renamed Goodrich Aerostructures, retired in August 2002 after 35 years at the company.

* 850 Lagoon Drive, Chula Vista CA; July 2004 to November 2006; Hired as contract engineer by Adecco Inc. to work at Goodrich Aerostructures office.

That's probably enough.

Why do I want to list all of these places in a place line? If I were famous, I guess someone would want to know that "Randy slept here" or "Randy worked here." Maybe my descendants will want to know where I lived, was educated, worshipped, and worked at some point in time.


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