Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Down the Rabbit Hole - High School Yearbook Pictures

 I need to do this more often - it's therapy and memory jogging.  

I wondered this morning if anyone has added me to their Ancestry Member Tree, and if they put a death date.  So I searched Ancestry with my name, birth year and location and found my birth record, my marriage record, several newspapers articles, directory entries, and some yearbook photos.  There were no entries in the Family Trees, so I guess I haven't died without me knowing it.  Phew!

On a whim, I went down the U.S. Yearbook collection rabbit hole, and easily found my senior yearbook photo (which I have posted before), plus three photos as "R. Seaver" in 1960 and 1961.  Here are some of them:

1)  1960 San Diego High School - Latin Club:

I am on the far right of the second row.  The teacher was Mrs. Cunningham.

2)  1961 San Diego High School - California Scholarship Federation:

I am in Row 4 in the middle.  The advisor was Mrs. Hamman, who was a social studied teacher.

3)  1960 San Diego High School photo - the front entry:

That is how I remember it - the three stories, the ivy covered walls, all of the stairs, etc.

Of course, I spent over an hour leafing through most of the pages of these two yearbooks on  They brought back many memories, faces of names I recall, names of faces I recall.  

I spend hours every day doing serious genealogy work and sometimes need a rabbit hole experience.  They always satisfy.  And make me want to find more.  

Do any other SDHS Cavemen read my blog?  If so, please leave a comment!


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Carolyn Maydole Hoard said...

I'm a fellow SDHS graduate (1958), and yes I read your posts. Love the photo of the Old Gray Castle. Made me sick when it was knocked down. I bought one of the souvenir stone pieces mounted on wood.
PS: I had Mrs. Cunningham for Latin also!