Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Down the Rabbit Hole - Helping a Seaver Descendant

 I can help many Seaver descendants with their Seaver ancestry because I have "collected" names, dates, places, events, notes and sources for thousands of persons who have or had the last name of Seaver (or Seavers, or Seever/s, or Sever/s, or Sevier).  They are all in my Ancestry Member Tree and in my MyHeritage family tree, and most are in FamilySearch Family Tree.

I received a message on MyHeritage today from a woman who asked what I knew about her grandmother, Willa (Seaver) Kelley (1936-2016). I answered her message with one of my own, saying please email me and I will send you a report about Willa's Seaver ancestry.  I noted that even though I am not related to Willa, I have done a lot of search and research on many Seaver people and that's why she is in my MyHeritage tree.  

Unfortunately,  I don't do much research on the spouses of Seaver persons - my family trees usually don't have the parents of the spouses, so all I could offer was the Seaver line in the report.  I used RootsMagic 8 to create the Ancestor Report (10 generations, with spouses, siblings, events, notes, sources) and saved it as a PDF.

Then I decided to check FamilySearch Family Tree to see if it had more about Willa's ancestry.  And it did.  Here is the Fan Chart I made of her ancestry, based on information in Family Tree:

I think the Seaver information is pretty accurate, but I can't vouch for the other families in the tree above.  Unfortunately, there is only one or two more generations on Willa's mother's line.  But it's a start.

So in about 20 minutes, I was able to respond to my correspondent and send her the Seaver PDF and the fan chart via email, along with the link to Willa's profile on Family Tree.  Who knows if she will do anything with it, but it might spark an interest in doing family history in this young lady.  

It feels good to know that my decades long research in the Seaver surname has helped this young lady know her ancestry.  


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