Sunday, November 28, 2021

Register For RootsTech 2022 (3-5 March) - Choose Connection

 Registration for RootsTech 2022 is now open, and FamilySearch is pleased to announce that this year, RootsTech's theme is "Choose Connection."  See their blog post at

Here is the promotional video for RootsTech 2022:

Register for RootsTech here.

The conference is FREE and online - all you have to do is register and then tune in on the conference days - March 3-5, 2022.  There were over 1.5 million registrants for RootsTech 2021.  Don't miss out.

The FamilySearch Blog has this article about "RootsTech 2022: Behind the Scenes with the RootsTech Team."


Disclosure:  I am a RootsTech Influencer (used to be called Ambassador) and will be publishing information about RootsTech 2022 through the conference.  I receive no remuneration for this activity. 

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