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Checking Out the 1921 Census of England & Wales Images

 I bit the credit card bullet and invested in one image on the 1921 Census of England & Wales on Findmypast.  It cost £3.50 (about $4.50) for the page image for one family.

NOTE:  If you don't see the images, please go to on the Internet.

1)  I searched for Seaver folks in the 1921 Census in all of England and Wales, and there were only 25 results in the index:

I have some of these persons in my RootsMagic family tree database, but not all of them, so this census is a fertile hunting ground in the future.  One family that is in my database is that of Charles Douglas Kingsley Seaver (1887-1972), the 4th entry on the image above.

2)  To obtain the record image, I clicked on the "Image" icon on the far right of the line of the entry.  That opened the side panel that requests your credit card for the image.  I put in my credit card information, and clicked the "Checkout" button and, voila, I had purchased the image and they sent an email titled "Thank you for your purchase."  You don't get a second chance to say "No, I don't think so."  They saved my credit card information.

The record image for this household looks like this:

There are buttons on the top of the screen for:

*  On the left, for "Record Information" and "Record Copyright".

*  On the right for "Options": "Add to tree"; "Print record"; "Download"; and "Report image error."

*  Also on the right for "Viewer Controls": "Rotate to the right"; "Rotate to the left"; "Recentre image"; and "Full screen".

*  The "More" dropdown menu has options to "Change brightness"; "Change colour"; and "Invert colour."

*  On the far right is a Zoom control.  You can also use your computer mouse to Zoom in and out.

At the bottom of the screen are controls for "Thumbnails," "Extra materials," "Transcripts" and "Close filmstrip."

3)  The "Extra materials" screen shows thumbnail images for the "Original photo," "Cover," "Front," "Map" (two entries) and "Plans of Division" (two entries).  

I don't know why there are two entries for "Map" and "Plans of Division" - there is probably a good reason for it.

4)  The "Cover" page has the information about the specific District and Sub-district:

The left-hand side of this page says that, for this household, the Record Group shorthand is RG15/3079; the "Regn. district" is Cheam, No. 31; the Sub-district is  Carshalton, No. 1; and the "Enumeration district" is number 14.  The "Civil parish" is Cheam, (Part Q).  There are more district identifiers further down the list.

The right-hand side of the page has space "For Use at the Census Office" and has signatures of census personnel and dates that they, presumably added notations to the census pages.

5)  The "Front" page image has the census information, enumerator instructions and sample entry information:

Initially, I saw no way to identify where the household was exactly located - it's not on the household image, and not on the map image.  I finally found it on the right-hand side of the "Front" page - clicking on the right-arrow of the household page image takes you there!  It says "Linton, Station Rd. Belmont."

6)  The "Map" page image shows a map of the District:

The map above shows the three sub-districts, and Carshalton is No. 1 on the right side of the map.  I found Cheam in the light-colored area above the C in Carshalton.  

7)  The "Plans of Division" page provides more details about the Enumeration district:

The District, Sub-district and other information is provided, along with the boundary of the Enumeration district and the roads included in the Enumeration district.  In this case, the boundaries were:

"On the north by middle of Mulgrave Road and Upper Mulgrave Road, on the south by the Ecclesiastical boundary of Belmont St. John the Baptist, on the east by Sutton, on the west by Cuddington."

There are very few names of the roads on the map of this District, so I checked Google Maps for Cheam and Mulgrave Road, and I think this parish is just south of the railroad tracks that run through Cheam - essentially from Cheam station on the north to Belmont station on the south.  

Station Road is just south of the Belmont railway station.  Captain Seaver probably took the train into London every work day.

On the 1921 map, this area is fairly unpopulated.  There are about 153 families in this Enumeration district. 

8)  I will write another blog post about the information for this Seaver family.


Disclosure: I have a complimentary subscription to Findmypast, and have accepted meals and services from Findmypast, as a Findmypast Ambassador and now as an Official 1921 Census Ambassador. This has not affected my objectivity relative to Findmypast and its products.

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