Tuesday, August 23, 2022

AncestryDNA Changed My Ethnicity Estimate Again

 Again?  It was March 2022 when they last changed it.  I think that the faster they go, the behinder I get.

Here is the March 2022 ethnicity estimate:

And here is the August 2022 ethnicity estimate:

The difference (March to August 2022) in the ethnicity estimates for each region are:

*  England and Northwestern Europe:  68% to 52%

*  Scotland:  13% to 3%

*  Sweden and Denmark:  10% to 21%

*  Norway:  7% to 6%

*  Wales:  2% to 5%

*  Germanic Europe:  0% to 13%

You can see my AncestryDNA "history" in Will the AncestryDNA Ethnicity Estimate Ever Settle Down?  

So this latest estimate has reduced England and Northwestern Europe by 16%, Scotland by 10%, while adding 11% to Sweden and Denmark and 13% to Germanic Europe.  At least the Germanic Europe percentage is more realistic this time.    

My "perceived ethnicity" is 70% British Isles and 24% Germain Europe, with 6% unknown.  

I know "it's only an estimate!"  But you would think that adding more people to each reference group would cause some sort of stabilization in the estimate over the long term.


Disclosure:  I received a complimentary test kit from AncestryDNA a long time ago.  I have had a paid Ancestry subscription since 2000, but have received material considerations (travel, hotel, meals, etc.) over the past ten years as a Geneablogger.
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