Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Genealogy Software: Heredis 2024 Is Available!

 I received this information from Heredis today:


Introducing Heredis 2024 and the Family Chronology! 

Immerse yourself in your family's history with the Family Chronology!

  • A new document to easily visualize your ancestors' lifespans (and there's even more to it)!
  • Compare the lives of several ancestors or groups of persons in your family tree in a single glance, then picture their overlapping lives to figure out who knew whom!
  • Find out how old they were when their children or grandchildren were born, to give just one example. 
  • Place your ancestors in the context of their time period.
  • Group your chronologies by places of birth: you will easily identify ancestors who may have crossed each other’s path!
  • This document also highlights potential gaps in your genealogy: you'll be able to spot missing dates for major events very easily. 
  • Put the spotlight on specific surnames in your genealogy by grouping them together. 
  • Easily identify all those who are not related by blood to the primary person.

Use this view as a basis for illustrating one of your ancestors’ biography!

Discover the new features in detail

More Heredis 2024 features: 

  • The Mixed Wheel, which can display all your ancestors and descendants,
  • New options available for all the wheels
  • The option to rename your media
  • The option to choose from various date formats in your documents,
  • Data protection,
  • Easier transmission of your genealogy files from one device to another,
  • Plus, of course, over 50 improvements and fixes!

Discover the new features in detail

And to celebrate the release of Heredis 2024, your mobile application is available at 50 % off!

Till October 1st, 2023, download the Heredis 2024 app on your tablet or smartphone and enjoy a 50% discount.

This new version has been updated to meet the requirements of the latest operating systems. It also includes several improvements: 

  • The ability to enter source citation in basic and comprehensive modes: assign the same source to 2 different citations for events and facts.
  • The same source can be associated several times with an event or a fact.
  • Import or export with the new compressed format (.hmwz) to open files from a 2023 or 2024 version and from all platforms.
  • Better default language management.

Your Heredis 2024 MasterClass!  

NEW. Get Heredis 2024 MasterClass to have Heredis 2024 software installation backup at your fingertips and videos to learn all the functions of the Heredis software via short demonstration videos (available with the upgrade pack). 

More information about MasterClass

How do I upgrade to the 2024 version?

Are you currently using an older version of Heredis and wish to take advantage of this new release to upgrade your software? Select one of these two offers:

Make sure your computer is compatible with Heredis 2024. 

Any questions? Feel free to reach out to us via our Contact form.


Disclosure:  I have received complimentary copies of Heredis software over the years, including this most recent version, but I have never really explored it.  I am in the process of exploring how I might use this software to enhance my genealogy research.

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