Friday, September 1, 2023

The New Member Tree Fan Chart

Everyone else has one it seems - and now does too!  This feature is still in Beta development, so look for it in your Ancestry Member Tree and try it out when you get it.

From your Ancestry Member Tree, select a person and click on the  Tree icon on the left side of the screen and choose "Fan (Beta)":

The Fan View pops up (it took a few seconds) with the Family Lines view (I chose the "Fan Settings" button and selected 7 generations):

In the Fan Settings, the user can also select "Hints":

Or select "Photos":

Or select "Sources":

Go for it!!!

The different views can be very helpful in determining where you need to add Photos or Sources.  For instance, I didn't realize that I have relatively few photos of my maternal grandparents in my Ancestry Member Tree.

I noted that the tree shows names for Potential Ancestors" too.  


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Marian B. Wood said...

I like that the fan chart can reflect different elements of the tree, such as photos or hints. TY for calling attention to this new feature!

Ellen T-J said...

The fan view has appeared on my choice of views for my tree but not the fan settings. I wonder if that will launch for me later?

Randy Seaver said...

Looks like Ancestry has removed the Fan settings now, and the Fan chart is limited to 5 generations. Hopefully, the Fan settings will return at some point in time.

Edward Black said...

Still waiting for the Fan View to show up for my trees.