Thursday, November 9, 2023

Findmypast Friday: Millions of New Military Records to Explore

 I received this information from Findmypast today:


Millions of new military records to explore this

Findmypast Friday 

Remember all of your wartime ancestors this weekend with millions of new records

Britain, First World War Campaign Medals 

Over 6.5 million new records have been added to Findmypast this week, in the form of this brand-new collection. It contains the names of men and women who were awarded campaign medals during the First World War. You’ll typically find their name, rank, regiment or unit, medals awarded, theatre of war, and any additional notes.

Cheshire, Macclesfield WW1 Hospital Records

This second new collection includes 1,880 hospital records from Macclesfield in Cheshire, covering the years 1914 to 1918. The transcripts include a name, birth year, event date, place, and details such as rank, service number, regiment and unit or corps, plus an admission and discharge date.

Crimean War Casualties

Rounding off the trio of new military records is an update to Crimean War Casualties for 1853-1856. The 5,893 new records can include a name, date, soldier number, rank, regiment, in addition to a description of the casualty and the action it was caused by.


Did your ancestors make the news? One new title, updates to a further four, and 138,191 new pages make up this week’s newspaper release.

New titles:

  • Ulster Star, 1957-1987, 1989-1999
Updated titles:
  • Belfast News-Letter, 1994
  • Mid-Ulster Mail, 1922, 1926, 1938, 1941, 1943, 1949, 1952-1957, 1978, 1985-1986, 1990, 1996-1998
  • Western Evening Herald, 1988
  • South Wales Daily Post, 1995


Disclosure: I have a complimentary subscription to Findmypast, and have accepted meals and services from Findmypast, as a Findmypast Ambassador. This has not affected my objectivity relative to Findmypast and its products.

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