Tuesday, March 5, 2024

View and Download Syllabi From In-Person RootsTech 2023 Classes

Thousands of genealogists and family historians enjoyed watching the over 200 classes and presentations from RootsTech 2024 online, and those classes are still available to watch on-demand from the Class Schedule, and in many cases, with syllabus articles for each class that can be downloaded.

There were also over 250 in-person classes for the attendees to RootsTech 2024 in Salt Lake City during the conference.  

The RootsTech.org website now has a list of the 2023 in-person classes that had a syllabus article, and the articles can be read online and/or downloaded to your computer.  To get to the list, go to www.rootstech.org and click on the "RootsTech Event" tab and see the "In-Person Syllabi" item on the list: 

Click on that link for "In-Person Syllabi" and see:

The in-person classes with a syllabus are listed in alphabetical order -- over 160 of them!!  

You can click the "Download" button for any of them to see the syllabus.  Here is the second one on the list:

Some of these syllabi are outlines of the talk, and many of them are fairly full descriptions (4 pages or more) of the highlights presented at RootsTech 2023.

I am a big fan of reading presentation handouts because I don't retain information well by hearing speech, but do by reading and seeing graphics, and I can save them for future reference. 

If you missed seeing in-person classes, whether at RootsTech 2023 or 2024 in-person or virtually, this is an opportunity to learn from the syllabus material.


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Marian B. Wood said...

TY for the how-to explanation, I'll double-check for these handouts now!

b1macsd said...

This link leads to 2023 handouts, not 2024.

Randy Seaver said...

The link vfor the 2024 In-person syllabi list is https://www.familysearch.org/en/rootstech/expohall/in-person-class-syllabi

That's what I put in the blog post.

Celia Lewis said...

Thanks Randy. Very easy to find and go through for the several I wanted to watch!! - I was online for the 3 days...