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Amanuensis Monday -- 1903 Will of Celia Seaver (1837-1904) in Morgan County, Illinois

 This week's document for transcription is the 1903 will of Celia Seaver (1837-1904) of Morgan County, Illinois in the Morgan County, Illinois probate case files.

*  Morgan County, Illinois Probate Court Records, Will Records, G-I, 1903-1911, page 253, image 353 of 712:

*  Morgan County, Illinois Probate Court Records, Will Records, G-I, 1903-1911, page 254, image 354 of 712:

The transcription of this document is:

The last Will and Testament of Celia Seaver.
I, Celia Seaver of the City of Jacksonville, County 
of Morgan, State of Illinois, being of sound
mind and memory do make, publish and
declare this to be my last will and testament
in manner and form as follows to wit:

First, I will and direct that all of my just
debts and funeral expenses be first paid.

Second, I will and direct that my Executor
hereinafter named, shall pay out to my
daughters Catherine, Agnes and Margaret Seaver,
such sums of money as may be left over after
paying all of my funeral expenses and doctor bills.

Third, I give, devise and bequeath to my son
James the following described property, 40
feet by 80 feet being the South and East part
of lot 104 Old Plot of Jacksonville, now oc-
cupied by said James Seaver as a black-
smith shop on West Morgan street in the 
aforesaid city of Jacksonville, Illinois, and
I further will that these shall be paid yo
the said James Seaver the sum of Two
Hundred ($200.00) dollars out of the Rents or or other in-
come, as this debt was made when the
purchase of house and lot on East North
street was purchased, and to my daughter
Margaret the sum of Five hundred ($500.00) dollars
purchase money in said house and lot on
East North street should be fully paid.

Fourth: it is my earnest hope that if
the farm of Eighty (80) acres situated East of
the town of Murrayville, Morgan County, Ill-
inois, is not sold during my life time
it is my wish that my children shall join
in a deed of sale to the purchaser and avoid
selling said farm through any process of
law, all things to be settled honestly and
justly, each child to reeive their equal
share and no more.

Fifth, I give, devise and bequeath to my daugh-
ters above named all of my household goods
but I wish that if my sons now single
shall marry then I suggest that my said
daughrers may in their judgement give
to such person any piece of household goods as
the may need.

Sixth: I will and diect that in the settling
up of my estate my executor shall collect from
my son Joseph Seaver the sum of sixty ($60.00)
dollars now secured by one certain promissory
note, but it is my wish that there shall be
charged no Interest on said note.

Seventh:  I further direct my Executor to
make settlement with Our Savior's Hospital
in the City of Jacksonville, Illinois and with Dr.
J.W. Hairgroves of an unpaid balance due said
parties on account of the sickness of my daughter
Agnes; and that this settlement shall be deduct-
ed from the share of said Agnes Seaver.

Eighth.  I will and direct that there shall
be a solemn High Mass celebrated for the happy
repose of my Immortal soulf on the day of my
burial, and reposing a mother's confidence in
the love of her children, it is my wish that
they shall have Masses said at intervals
according to their good judgement until the
sum of Fifty ($50.00) dollars is fully expended.

Ninth: I further direct that my Executor
shall have in a reasonabl time after my death
cause to be lettered on the Monument in Calvary
Cemetery the name of myself and husband with
a suitable inscription on said monument.  And
Lastly I nominate and appoint as my Ex-
ecutor John Gougherty, without bond.  Amen.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set
my hand ad seal this Twenty fifth
day of  July A.D. 1903.
Witness her mark                 Celia X Seaver    {seal}
M.J. Clerihan                               mark

Signed, sealed and declared by Celia Seaver
as and for her last will and Testament, who
at her request and in her presence and in the
presence of each other, and have hereunto sub-
scribed our names as witnesses thereof,
                                    John Gougherty  {seal}
                                    Michael J. Clerihan  {seal}

The source citation for this petition is:

Morgan County Probate Court, Illinois, Celia Seaver will, written 25 June 1903; "Illinois, U.S., Wills and Probates, 1772-1999," ( : accessed 5 May 2024); "Morgan > Will Records G-I, 1903-1911 > pages 253-255 (images 353-354 of 712); Original data is from Illinois County, District and Probate Courts filmed by FamilySearch.

This will record is a Derivative Source (because it is a court clerk's typed record), Primary Information and Direct Evidence of the will of Celia Seaver of Jacksonville, Morgan County, Illinois, written on 25 July 1903.  There may be other papers in the estate file, but this record is from the Will books.

Celia Patience Fanning (1837-1904) was born 10 March 1837 in Nortonville, Morgan County, Illinois, the daughter of Sampson and Altha (Criswell) Fanning.  She died 17 July 1904 in Jacksonville, Morgan County, Illinois.  She married Thomas Seaver (1811-1893) on 3 October 1861 in Morgan County, Illinois.  They had eight children:

*  Edward Emmet Seaver (1862-1880).
*  Anna Catherine Seaver (1865-1931).
*  Agnes Mary Seaver (1867-1942)
*  Margaret Theresa Seaver (1869-1936).
*  James B. Seaver (1872-1960), married 1913 Sarah A. :Sadie" Kelly (1872-1958).
*  Thomas Joseph Seaver (1874-1961), married 1899 Julia Josephine Feore (1881-1955).
*  Andrew Nicholas Seaver (1877-1945).

I am not related to Celia (Fanning) Seaver or Thomas Seaver (who was born in Dublin, Ireland).

NOTE: Genea-blogger John Newmark (who writes the excellent TransylvanianDutch blog) started a Monday blog theme years ago called "Amanuensis Monday." John offers this definition for "amanuensis:"

"A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another."

Read other transcriptions of records of my ancestors at Amanuensis Monday Posts.

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