Saturday, June 8, 2024

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- Write a Genealogy Poem Using Artificial Intelligence

 Calling all Genea-Musings Fans: 

 It's Saturday Night Again - 

Time For Some More Genealogy Fun!!

Come on, everybody, join in and accept the mission and execute it with precision. 

1)  Have you ever written poetry?  About genealogy research?  Do you want to?  

2)  You can use the FREE ChatGPT-4o tool to write a poem (or perhaps another GPT tool).  Write a prompt with details of what you want to include, and let the AI chatbot do the job for you!

3)  Share your prompt and your resulting poem on your own blog or in a Facebook post.  What is the poem's title?  Please share a link in Comments on this post if you write your own post.

Here's mine:

I'm an aerospace engineer, not a creative poet.  I deal in facts and analysis, not rhyming and soaring prose.  But ChatGPT helps me write a poem using a prompt of my choice.  All in about 10 seconds!

The Prompt:

"Create a poem about ace genealogist Randy Seaver, his extensive family tree with surnames  Seaver, Carringer, Richmond, Auble, Hildreth, White, Smith, Vaux and Kemp; localities Leominster, Mercer County, Killingly, Plymouth, Newton, Townsend, Glocester, Rolling Prairie, Ontario, Wiltshire, and Somerset; using websites of Ancestry, FamilySearch, American Ancestors, Findmypast and MyHeritage."

The Poem: [I call it “Randy’s Branches”]

In the realm where roots run deep and wide,

A genealogist named Randy Seaver takes pride.

With passion and precision, he seeks and finds,

The branches of his family tree, intertwined.

Seaver, Carringer, Richmond, Auble, Hildreth,

White, Smith, Vaux, and Kemp, in his ancestral sight.

From Leominster's lanes to Mercer County's fields so green,

Killingly's quiet streets to Plymouth's historic scene.

Newton whispers secrets, Townsend tells of yore,

Glocester guards its heritage, Rolling Prairie's lore.

Ontario's vast expanse and Wiltshire's gentle grace,

Somerset's rolling hills, where ancestors trace.

On Ancestry, he digs with care and keen eye,

FamilySearch reveals where past shadows lie.

American Ancestors, a treasure trove grand,

Findmypast connects stories from distant lands.

MyHeritage enriches with histories untold,

Randy's dedication shines like polished gold.

Through records and archives, in digital scroll,

He weaves a rich tapestry, a family whole.

Each name a legacy, each place a verse,

In Randy's research, past and present converse.

An ace genealogist, mapping time's endless sea,

Randy Seaver unravels his ancestral tree.


Copyright (c) 2024, Randall J. Seaver

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ByAPearl said...

I don't think any of the Poet Laureates have anything to fear.

Lisa S. Gorrell said...

Since I'm not a poet, glad to have AI write something, but I won't take credit for it.

Linda Stufflebean said...

Here's my genealogy-related AI poem: