Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Carringer family pictures

In my "Della's Journal" series, the setting is the house at 2115/2119 30th Street in San Diego. The original house picture from about 1900 is here.

I wanted to post the picture of the remodelled house which was moved to the middle of the block on the east side of 30th Street. The picture below is from about 1929, the time of the diary. The two-story house in the front of the picture is the 2115/2119 flats. As you can see, the original house has had a full second story added on. The entry for 2115, which is where Della and Austin lived, is on the south side of the building (the side facing to the right). I grew up in the upstairs flat at 2119.

In the background on the right is the two-story building standing at 2114/2116 Fern Street that were rentals and provided income to the family. The Lyle Carringer family house was also on Fern Street just to the left of the two-story flats, but not in the picture.

I can't find a good family group picture from the 1929 time. The picture below is of the family group in about 1920, when my mother, Betty, was a baby. From the left, the photo shows Georgianna (Kemp) Auble (a widow, born 1868), an unknown cousin (Mary Morgan?), Della (Smith) Carringer (seated, born 1862, holding the cat), Edgar Carringer (born 1857, unmarried), Emily (Auble) Carringer (born 1899), Austin Carringer (seated, born 1853, holding Betty), Lyle Carringer (born 1891) and Abigail (Vaux) Smith (seated, a widow, born 1844). They are posed in front of the original one-story house at 2105 30th Street.

In 1929, Georgianna Auble (Mrs. Auble") is age 60, Della Carringer is age 65, Austin Carringer ("A") is age 76 and Abigail Smith ("Ma") is 85.

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