Tuesday, January 23, 2007

www.GenealogyLinks.net and www.SuperSurnameSearch.com

While looking for search engines and online data that would help me find more information on my very elusive Robert Leroy Thompson (1880 TN - 1965 NC) target, I found the genealogy portal site http://www.genealogylinks.net/.

This portal site is extremely well organized, and the links are to many free and subscription databases. There are links by Region (US, Canada, UK and Ireland, Continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand), and then additional resources, which include Marriage Records, Global Databases, Surname sites, and Free Genealogy Search Engines.

I clicked on most of them, but the real good link is the Free Genealogy Search Engines link, which leads you to http://www.surnamesupersearch.com/. At that site, there are links to 15 collections of links based either on record type or locality. I especially liked the Cemetery Search which has links to the free cemetery web sites like Interment.net, the subscription web sites like Ancestry.com, and the free Rootsweb.com and USGenweb.org archives.

If you are stymied with your research using other portals, try these sites - you may be surprised!


Anonymous said...

It may not help you find Robert Leroy Thompson, but Genealogy Search Australia is a very useful free search engine for those researching families in Australia.It is worth a look at http//:www.genealogysearchaustralia.com.au

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http://www.genealogylinks.net/ is without doubts one of the best portal I have seen in recent time. I visited it a few times during last week, but I must say I stayed shocked with its quality, and especially with its organization.

sildenafil said...

Both sites are superb, but for me the best is SuperSurnameSearch, I found it more informative and a little easier to navigate.

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