Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Genea-blog treasure hunt

At the web site http://www.fuelmyblog.com/ a blogger can occupy one square (50 pixels by 50 pixels) of a 25 by 25 matrix. It's free (at least for now) to sign up and fill out the information needed to show a graphic depicting your blog. Each square has an address (for example, (5,10) denotes 5 squares from the left, 10 squares down from the top). Put your mouse over a square and you can read what was submitted by the occupier of the square.

I have a square there, using my blog picture. Can you find my beaming face on the matrix? If so, tell me the square "address."

There are at least two other genealogy blogs posted there - can you find them?

There are still open spaces - why don't you sign up? And tell us about it so we can find you on the matrix. If enough genea-bloggers signed up, we could demand our own matrix and be able to see all of the genea-bloggers on one web page.

My guess is that the purpose of this web site is to create hits for the creator and to provide exposure for the blogs that put their picture on the site. You can click on each square and go to the blog to read it.

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Becky Wiseman said...

That's neat. I found you, Joe, and Og. I agree that they need to add a page for genea-blogs. I got a block for my blog but it's not showing yet and, since I'm at work I had to use a 'generic' image.

Becky Wiseman at http://kinexxions.blogspot.com