Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tagging Right Along

As of tonight, we have had 34 genea-bloggers reveal their "5 Things That Nobody Knows About Me" semi-secrets. some have been funny, some serious, some very short and some very long. Many have told stories behind the secrets. A list of links to the genea-blogger secrets is at

I imagine we've missed several genea-bloggers with this, and I invite them to post even though they weren't tagged. If you do post your "5 Things," please let me know via comment or email (rjseaver(at)

Any candidates for the:

1) Best secret posted?

2) Funniest secret posted?

3) Longest secret posted?

4) Most revealing secret posted?

5) Most intriguing secret posted?

If so, please blog about them, or comment on this post, or send me an email at rjseaver(at) If you want to add a category, please do so - hey, we're bloggers and we can do what we want, right? Freedom is wonderful!

I have my own candidates, and I'll share them later in an update.


Becky Wiseman said...

Hi Randy, thanks for the invite to participate. If interested, you can find out 5 things about me at

Anonymous said...

Randy- I think the MOST NOT a SECRET was your love of the padres and chargers! after the chargers MISSED going to the super bowl, your blog entry was to say the least, a nice way of putting your sorry feelings, I especially liked the fact that you were glad your wife was GONE so she would not have to listen to you yell things that "Angels" should not have to hear. Thanks for keeping us informed on the links for the TAG game, I would have never found them on my own.