Friday, February 23, 2007

Genealogy Blogging presentation

I am scheduled to give a presentation on Genealogy Blogging on March 17th to the Computer Genealogy Society of San Diego. I have a pretty good idea of what I want to say about genea-blogging, but I thought I would ask my loyal readers to help me out.

My outline for the 60 minute talk (on a laptop with Internet access and a projector) is:

1. What is blogging?
2. Why do people blog?
3. What are genealogy blogs good for? Not good for?
4. Different types of genea-blogs - news, tips, personal research, quiz, humor, etc.
5. Blog host sites
6. Carnival of genealogy
7. Demonstrate setting up a new blog on Blogger
8. Demonstrate making a post
9. Demonstrate editing a post
10. Demonstrate changing blog format
11. Demonstrate Bloglines
12. Visit a number of typical blogs
13. Visit Blog aggregators

What else should I talk about? What genealogy blog sites should I visit (I can hear all the bloggers saying "MINE!"). Any other ideas? Please put them in comments. Thanks.


Drew Smith said...

Ralph Brandi's hasn't been updated in a while, but it was the first great example of a personal genealogy blog.

The best currently maintained personal genealogy blog would be Steve Danko's, in my opinion.

Janice said...


How about adding something on blog etiquette?


Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

60 minutes isn't much time!

A brief mention of copy write concerns.

I get lots of questions about posting pictures. You might include options such as imageshack, picasa, flickr, etc.

I also get lots of questions about html. You won't have enough time to cover this but maybe you could include a link to some basics.

You might cover group blogs, they don't seem to be used much in the genealogy community but would be perfect for a genealogy society.

You could also mention private blogs. I have one for my family for sharing personal details that we wouldn't want to share with the whole world. Another use of a group blog.

Johnson Hack said...

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