Sunday, February 18, 2007

Trouble in Genea-musings - BSOD

Yep, the Blue Screen of Death...on the desktop machine. It says my SYSTEM file in Windows XP is missing or corrupted. Right in the middle of an email message. Rebooting and hitting F8 does not work. It seems fatal. I have a call in to my guru.

So I tried the laptop. Yep, works fine, until my modem went down and it took 30 minutes to figure out how to connect again.

Bottom line -- there may be few posts at Genea-Musings until I get things back to working efficiently.

I'm still trying to figure out what I might lose on the desktop. Definitely 2 years of email files and addresses. Definitely 1000 music files (many on my iPod though). Perhaps the latest database files (I put some on the external drive a week or so ago). My Favorites (I had too many anyway...), some recent CVGS files.

I'll try to keep you posted. If you have suggestions (I already got the message to BACK UP more often!).


Tim Agazio said...


There must be some sort of Genea-blogging conspiracy out there because my desktop just died too. I didn't even get a just died and won't boot anymore. Luckily, I have a Maxtor back-up drive and I also have been using Mozy...thanks to the postings of Dick Eastman. What I have lost are the bookmarks I've collected over the last couple of weeks. I'll be able to use my laptop until I can get the desktop fixed or a new one. Good luck with your situation.


Jasia said...

Bummer, Randy. I hate to hear about trouble in Seaverville, especially in the genea-cave!

Here's hoping all works out well. Keep us posted.

Thanks for promoting the Carnival!

Becky Wiseman said...

Have you recovered from the BSOD yet? Thanks to your post I made sure that I got a good backup on Sunday night.

Anonymous said...

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