Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Kansas State Censuses 1855 to 1915 on Ancestry

While at the CVGS Computer Group meeting today, we were browsing through the databases on Ancestry Library Edition and I discovered the Kansas State Census Collection 1855 to 1915. Somehow I had missed this before.

I quickly input my Abbie/Abby Smith and found entries for the Devier J. (D.J.) Smith families in 1875 (in Lincoln township, Cloud County, KS) and in 1885 (in Clyde township, Clay County, KS). I had not known exactly where they had lived in these two places before. In 1880, they were in Pottawatomie County KS. In 1875, DJ Smith was a "livery and sales clerk," and in 1885 he was a "speculator." This is the guy who sold snake oil about this time!

Rather than write the census data down, I chose to email myself a link to these census pages using the "Share" button in Ancestry LE. When I got home, I brought up the page and captured it (using right-click, "Save Picture As" and putting it in with my other census images. I can print it when convenient, and attach it to my database or include it in a genealogy report.

Note that you can email census images to yourself from Ancestry Library Edition (viewed for FREE at a library with a subscription) by using the "Share" button. You can then access them at home by clicking on the link provided in the email. This "sharing" is FREE.

I had hoped to find Samuel and Mary Ann Vaux in the 1875 and 1885 Kansas state censuses, since they were in Kansas in the 1880 census. I don't know when they died or where they are buried. I'm going to go back into the data and see if I can find them under a different spelling.

Ancestry continues to add content frequently, to their credit. I check the list of Recent Databases fairly often just to see if I've missed something.

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Fellow Washington State resident Gary Minder offers spreadsheets for Kansas State Censuses over at his website Census Tools. He also offers many spreadsheets for all US Federal Censuses; seven other states' censuses; passenger manifest lists; cemetery data; research logs; and family group sheets. These are not forms, but are Excel files that can be used to store data on your computer.