Friday, February 23, 2007

"Interpretation of Handwriting" Program on Monday

Our next Chula Vista Genealogical Society program will be on Monday, February 26th at 10 AM in the Chula Vista Civic Center Library auditorium (365 F Street, Chula Vista).

Our speaker will be Dona Ritchie, a well known and active San Diego genealogist who has edited the "German Connection" (published by the German Research Association) and "BIGRA News" (published by the British Isles Genealogical Research Association) local society newsletters for about 10 years.

Dona's topic will be "Interpretation of Handwriting." She will cover the handwriting peculiarities of early to 19th century US and English records (census, immigration, probate, land, etc.) and German records (church records and certificates). She will also offer helpful techniques for transcribing and translating documents, and using the available websites, books and pamphlets to assist in translating foreign materials, or just obsolete terms in old documents (Latin, German, etc.).

This should be an interesting talk - and one that I am keenly interested in. Maybe I can finally learn to read that tricky Elizabethan script that I find baffling.

If you are a San Diego genealogist, please attend our meeting on Monday. Guests and visitors are welcome - there are refreshments, too!

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