Thursday, February 1, 2007

Is Barack Obama my cousin?

There was a press release put out by Family Forest (R) that claims that Ann Dunham, the mother of Barack Obama, is descended from Laurence Washington of Sulgrave in England, and that she also has New England ancestry. They claim that Ann Dunham is a distant cousin of George Washington, James Madison, Jimmy Carter, Harry Truman and Quincy Jones, presumably through the Virginia families. Family Forest (R) is selling an eBook for $9.95 that lists the descendants of Laurence Washington in an apparent attempt to cash in on Obama's fame.

I do have a fine New England ancestry, so there is a good chance that Senator Obama is my cousin as well. I just don't know the connection yet! I'm wondering about Chris Dunham - is he also a cousin to Obama? Chris has the same surname as Ann Dunham...

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Anonymous said...

Obama mama related to Founding Fathers