Thursday, February 1, 2007

Genealogy magazine indexes

I subscribe to Family Tree Magazine, and I try to read Everton's Genealogical Helper at the Library and Family Chronicle magazine on loan from a friend. There are other genealogy magazines - Ancestry, Internet Genealogy and Digital Genealogist come to mind. What ones have I missed? Heritage Quest magazine and Genealogical Computing are gone. I'm considering only magazines not tied to a society like NEHGS or NYGBR.

I wish that all of them had online indexes so that a researcher could find articles easily, either in their personal collection or at a library, or with a friend.

Family Tree Magazine has indexes here.

Family Chronicle magazine has a list of How-To articles here (and available to download), and an 8 year index (1996 to 2004) here.

I can't find a comprehensive index to Everton's Genealogical Helper, but there is an article archive up to 2002 here. Access to 200 issues (1947 to 1996?) of the Helper is available here, and there is a free Search engine that provides free images of pages (until 10 February) - that's great!

The point here is that many libraries have these magazines on their shelves, and many researchers have a personal collection of them at home. But it is very difficult to find anything without a comprehensive index.

Actually, there are more index resources than I thought there were at the beginning of this rant, er, post. I want them to be complete and searchable. Any index depends on the magazine itself creating one and posting it.

UPDATED: 1 February, 4:15 PM:added more Everton information.

UPDATE 2: 1 February 2007, 9:00 PM: Drew Smith commented that PERSI indexes all of the genealogy magazines, and is available on HeritageQuestOnline through a subscribing library. Thank you, Drew, for the tip. I knew that, of course, but didn't remember it...

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Drew Smith said...

Good news...nearly all genealogy magazines are fully indexed by PERSI, which is available at any library that subscribes to HeritageQuest Online. This includes a complete index to Everton's.