Monday, January 29, 2007

Great CVGS Program today

We had a great Chula Vista Genealogical Society program at the Chula Vista Civic Center Library today. About 30 were in attendance, including four visitors. Our usual format is a 20 to 30 minute business meeting, followed by the guest speaker and questions/answers.

The guest speaker today was Gena Philibert Ortega, who talked about "Cemeteries and Their Secrets." Gena is an excellent speaker, and used her own laptop and LCD projector to show her visuals on the big auditorium screen over 60 minutes. Every page was very readable and informative. She provided a four page handout which included tables for "Places to Search for a death and/or gravestone" and "Places to Find those Records."

She had many examples of the different types of death and cemetery records, and pointed out the key parts of, and the possible flaws in, each record. Gena also showed many web sites to help find where your family might be buried, and spent some time describing some cemetery symbols and their meanings. Her handouti ncluded the URLs for the web sites.

All in all, the presentation was well-delivered, very informative and appreciated by the audience.

Gena will be giving this presentation at the St. George, Utah Genealogy and Family History Jamboree on February 9-10. If you attend, be sure to catch it.

One of the perks of being President of CVGS is taking the speaker to lunch at the nearby Marie Callender's. Gena and I had a fun time sharing research experiences and blogging challenges. I think Gena is the first genea-blogger that I've met in person.

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