Sunday, January 28, 2007

Lisa Fires Up her readers

One of my favorite genealogy writers (and bloggers) is Lisa Alzo, whose blog - The Accidental Genealogist - always has fresh thoughts and research tips. Lisa writes books and magazine articles on family history and genealogy topics, especially with Eastern European connections.

One of her latest articles for Internet Genealogy magazine (February/March 2007 edition) is titled "23 Websites to Fire Up Your Family History!" Her blog post introducing the article is here, which includes a link to a PDF file of the complete article.

The 23 recommended web sites include many that we all know and love, but there are some that I had not considered using before. Check out Lisa's list.

Many of Lisa's previous articles are on her web site - go to to see the list and click the links if you find something interesting. While you're there, click on the other links and look at Lisa's web site - it's an excellent example of a web site for a professional writer and genealogist.

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