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Della's Journal - Week 31 (30 July to 5 August 1929)

This is Installment 31 of the Journal of Della (Smith) Carringer, my great-grandmother, who resided at 2115 30th Street in San Diego in 1929.

The "players" and "setting" are described here. Pictures of some of the players are here. Last week's Journal entry is here.

Here is Week 31:


Tuesday, July 30: Betty's Birthday, ten years old today. Lyle got her Kodack. Cousin Bessie & Vernon gave her Piano bench that holds music. Mrs. A[uble] gave her doll & paper to make bed cushion. We gave her $10. started bank account in Bldg & Loan. Ma gave her 50c & Uncle Ed needling & thread. They had us over for Cake & Ice cream. Betty blew three times to get all the candles out. They went up to the zoo part of the day. We washed, Ma & I took bath.

Wednesday, July 31: Emily worked. I rode down & done a little trading, Vernon drove. We came home by University, I got doughnuts & pie. Mr & Mrs Schmidt came in forenoon & stayed to lunch, went home about three. Ma gave Mrs. Schmidt summer dress.

Thursday, August 1 (warm): Aunt Libbie's birthday, 79 yrs, she wrote Ma a short Letter. Myrtle & Ben not home yet, went to Seattle for vacation. We had a card from them at Portland. I trimmed Turks cap & tied up Pointsettias, then went with Mrs. Auble, Bessie, Vernon & Betty to see Air Planes & Navy Boys drill at Navy Training Station, it was nice. A[ustin] painted screen door 1/2 of it. Ma bought wire spring cot of Mrs. Daniells $3.00, 3/4 size, folding. A[ustin] painted it. I painted door casing & varnished mantle upstairs in 2116 Fern St.

Friday, 2 August: Emily worked. A[ustin] painted rest of door. I finished hot water heater & tank. Ma painted bed another coat.

Saturday, 3 August: Ed did not come, Emily worked. A[ustin] painted door screen on other side put on glass knobs upstairs. I watered things. Vivian came & stayed all night. Dr. Megs brought her, then went to his sisters at La Messa for dinner. Lyle's went to Mission Beach for evening.

Sunday, August 4: Mrs. Auble's birthday, we gave her cards and $1.00. Visited with Vivian, she went away about noon. They were going to Mission Beach then home. Lyle's took ride to C.V, Betty stayed with us. Warm.

Monday, 5 August (warm): Ma went out to her house to paint steps & porches. I got Paint 1 qt $1.05, Flat White for me 75c, Emily worked.


I must admit that I looked ahead to Betty's (my mother) birth day (30 July) several weeks ago to see how they celebrated it. I wonder if she ever used the money in the bank account? Was this a start for a college fund? My brother still has the piano bench and all of the music inside of it!

Vivian was the granddaughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Vaux) Crouch (she is "Aunt Libbie"), and the daughter of William Samuel and Anna (Calton) Crouch, all of whom who lived in Long Beach CA. So she was Della's grand-niece and Lyle's second cousin. I've mentioned Myrtle (Crouch) Milbank before - she was a daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Vaux) Crouch.

It is summertime in San Diego, which has one of the mildest climates in the USA, especially within five miles of the Pacific Ocean. In July and August, the high temperature at the beach is rarely above 75 F, but the inland temperatures are higher. The ocean beaches (Ocean, Mission, Pacific, La Jolla) were popular for families to drive to and enjoy - always the ocean, not San Diego Bay. I have family pictures with family groups standing on the surf's edge. As a teenager, I loved the beach with the surf, sand and pretty girls. There was an amusement park and a swimming pool at Mission Beach. My brother and I hitchhiked to Mission Beach from North Park - we had to walk about 5 miles to the top of Texas Street, then stuck our thumbs out for a ride to the beach about 6 miles away. More 30th Street memories, sorry!

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