Sunday, July 29, 2007

More Fake Gravestones

I've had all day to think about gravestone sayings and the like (two church services and one long Padre game - we won 18-11).

My poor (literally!) great-grandfather Charlie Auble rests in an unmarked grave in San Diego. So I thought I would make a stone for him. Maybe I'll put it in a frame, take it out to Mount Hope Cemetery and put it in the ground on his plot.

I wanted to say something about genealogy research - and express my opinion about online research (I wish they had 17 letters in the first line):

I have no idea where many of my elusive ancestors are buried, so I made this one up:

With that - good night!

PS. Becky Wiseman at the Kinexxions blog has posted several of hers here.

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