Wednesday, August 1, 2007

NGS has Series of E-books for Research in 7 States

The latest issue of UpFront (the National Genealogical Society email newsletter) has the following announcement:


The National Genealogical Society announced several new and revised publications from its Research in the States Series just before the 2007 Conference in the States, and the books fairly flew off the shelves.

Several were sell-outs, so we want to make sure everyone knows that the e-book versions are available right now from the NGS web site. Each publication includes a section on archives, libraries, societies, and other research facilities in the respective state, as well as a discussion of the major family history resources available, such as maps, cemetery records, census, city directories, newspapers, military records, tax records and vital records. In addition each state includes a discussion of which records are available at the local, county, andstate level.

Series Editors, Ann Carter Fleming and Kay Haviland Freilich worked with various authors to update the research in some states and complete research on new states. The new and revised publications are as follows:

* Genealogical Research in Illinois by Diane Renner Walsh (published in the NGS Quarterly in 2006, now available as a separate publication)
* Genealogical Research in Maryland by Patricia O'Brien Shawker (new, never published)
* Genealogical Research in Missouri by Pamela Boyer Porter and Ann Carter Fleming (revised and updated from 1999)
* Genealogical Research in Oregon by Connie Miller Lenzen (revised and updated from 1992)
* Genealogical Research in Pennsylvania by Kay Haviland Freilich (revised and updated from 2003)
* Genealogical Research in Virginia by Eric G. Grundset (revised and updated from 1998)
* Genealogical Research in West Virginia by Barbara Vine Little (new, never published)

Each publication is 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches, slightly larger than our previous Research in the States publications. The average length is 42 pages, but it varies by state. Each is currently available as a PDF file, an "e-book" that you can download from the NGS web site and then either read on your computer or print. Prices are $8 for NGS members and 10$ for non-members.

The direct link to the download and purchase page is For those who prefer to purchase printed copies, watch for an announcement on the website as soon as we've replenished our inventory.

NGS and Editors Fleming and Freilich are working on several more states, especially those hosting future Conferences in the States and surrounding states.

"Originally published in UpFront with NGS, The Online Newsletter of theNational Genealogical Society."


If you have an interest in these 7 states, these E-books may be very helpful in your research. Several of them have been published previously in the NGS Quarterly previously.

We can never have too much information!

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