Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Genealogy Limericks

Hey, here we go - a little fun on a late summer day.

Jimmy M. Kavanagh at JMK Genealogy Gifts has wearing apparel and other stuff with a limerick on it, titled "The Wise Genealogist":


"A wise genealogist from Toledo
quoted the following as her very own credo:
'provide a source and citation,
for every relation,
and never transcribe records at speed-o.'"

This limerick is copyright © James M. Kavanagh

I hope Jimmy doesn't mind me quoting it in toto - it is hard to excerpt!

Are there any more genealogy limericks that we should know about? I just Googled ["genealogy limericks"] and got only one match - to The Genealogy Funnies. But there aren't any real limericks there. Doing a search without the quotes generates a lot of hits for Limerick in Ireland.

Let's see...

"There once was a genealogist named Tuck,
Who searched for his family named Puck.
He traced them to fair Ireland so green,
And went there with enthusiasm so keen,
But soon found that the records there suck."

Copyright (c) Randall J. Seaver

"Where oh where has my Smith family gone?
Della, Devier, Ranslow and maybe John;
Where oh where can the parents be?
I traced them back to upstate New York,
but they disappeared - woe is me."

Copyright (c) - Randall J. Seaver

See - that wasn't so hard! I bet you thought I was going to use a four-letter word, eh?

OK, the second one is really a poem of uneven metric... Do limericks have a set number of syllables like haiku? Yep - see here! A-A-B-B-A. I know mine waasn't anapestic though, or even dactyl.

Thanks for the concept, Jimmy. Maybe Jimmy can make a T-shirt out of the best limerick created or found.

Come on, genea-bloggers and readers - post links to other genealogy limericks or make up one yourself. We need some new blog-fodder!

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JMK said...

No prob Randy, Glad you liked it. Dont forget our "Foolish Genealogist" as well:

and our Haiku: