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Della's Journal - Week 36 (September 3-9, 1929)

This is Installment 36 of the Journal of Della (Smith) Carringer, my great-grandmother, who resided at 2115 30th Street in San Diego in 1929.

The "players" and "setting" are described here. Pictures of some of the players are here. Last week's Journal entry is here.

Here is Week 36:


Tuesday, September 3 (hot, but cooler last night): Emily worked today, will be the last for awhile. L[yle] & E[mily] made a hole & put a box in to grow fish food in on this side of Garage. Betty went to school is First day. We washed.

Wednesday, September 4 (coller, foggy in n[ight]: Hazel & I went to see German War vessle & other boats at the warf [wharf]. Fred & Jessie here when we got home, they brought us some eggs & I gave them some figs & candy, Hazel .25 c and treated her to ice cream soda, fruit & cookies & grapes Ma put in. I pd on Bldg & L[oan] $65. We were tired after all had gone.

Thursday, September 5 (Foggy & misty): A[ustin] wore light over coat. Uncle Sam 89 years old this week. Louie & Ruth here to supper, he took all his papers out of safety box, left Hazel's breast pins. Zack came, ate supper, then went to see friends.

Friday, September 6 (misty & cooler): Picked 24 lbs Figs, sold 15 lbs, gave the rest to the ones here. Zack said he had a nice trip to New York & Misch [Michigan?]. He got back here Labor Day. Picked 24 lbs figs.

Saturday, September 7: Ed over, he cut lawn on E[ast] others did not need it. E[mily] & L[yle] set out Rasberry guava tree. Emily changed roses to N of their house, got two new ones. They had a few in to play bridge. Vivian came to stay all night, was down just for a ride. Lyle letter from Collins, they expect to build at Ocean B[each]. Letter from LA Banker asking about Walter Pinkham.

Sunday, September 8 (cool): Lyle's took boat ride got home between 7 & 8. I listened to last concert given at the organ. Lyle's gave us tickets to give to some one to use them. Miss Thoren 1, Miss Setchel's friends used the rest. Ans[wered] letter about Walter Pinkham, he wrote to get work in a bank in L.A. He got in Ist Nat[ional] Security & Trust on 3 mo[nth] trial Sep 12.

Monday, September 9 (cool & pleasant): Admission day. Escondido Grape Day we had one to look at Flat. In eve Lyle's rode out after eggs, I went with them then we called on Mr. & Mrs. Watson. Saw their new home, the others had seen it but I had not, it is very nice. We took out shrubs & plants. We washed.


This was a really interesting and busy week for Della and the family, no mention of her mother the whole week. "Uncle Sam" is Samuel Crouch whose wife Elizabeth is Della's mother's sister. Vivian is their daughter. Louie and Ruth Morrill also live in Long Beach, and I think Hazel is their daughter. Fred and Jessie Kanagy are family friends that live nearby. Walter and Jessie Pinkham live in Chula Vista and are family friends. I have no clue who Zack is! Maybe he will be mentioned later in the Journal.

I'm not sure if Lyle and Emily planted both raspberry bushes and guava trees or if it was a raspberry guava tree. I do recall the guava and loquat trees on the south side of the driveway at 2130 Fern Street where Lyle's family lived. We used to sneak over, pick them and eat them (and we would sometimes pick them and throw them at passing cars - bad boys!).

Della sometimes wrote notes later on specific days - like on Sunday with the news about Walter Pinkham's job action.

The weather reports are typical San Diego - warm and humid for a week or two in late August and September, then a cool spell, and often a Santa Ana with hot temperatures, low humidity and high winds later in September. We have had two weeks of 85 to 95 F temperatures here with humidity, and hope for a cool spell soon! Gee, maybe I should start Randy's Journal? Bad idea - I sit on the computer blogging too much already!

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