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My Carringer Family Bible

There is information on the pages from a Carringer family Bible that are not available anywhere else. I decided that I should post it here just in case someone else is looking for information on this family or something bad happens to me and the contents of the Genea-Cave.

I only have the family pages taken from the Bible, I don't have the rest of the Bible. I don't know the date of publication of this Bible, or when the family purchased it. I'm guessing it was purchased in the 1870's. I do recognize most of the handwriting on the pages.



D J Carringer
Born Nov 4th 1828 A.D.
Mercer Co. Pa.

Rebekah Spangler
Born April 2th 1832 A.D.
Mercer Co. Pa.

Harvy E. Carringer
Born May 6th 1852 A.D.
Mercer Co. Pa.

Henry A. Carringer
Born Nov 26th 1853 A.D.
Mercer Co. Pa.

Effie E. Carringer
Born Nov 24th 1858 A.D.
Louisa Co. Iowa

[the above are in Rebecca (Spangler) Carringer's hand]

Devier D. Carringer
Born Aug. 19th 1889 AD
9:30 A.M. Nat. City Calif.

Lyle L. Carringer
Born Nov 2nd 1891 AD
6.54 P.M. San Diego Calif.

[the two above are in Henry Austin Carringer's hand]

Betty Virginia Carringer (daughter of Lyle)
Born July 30th 1919

Randall Jeffrey Seaver (son of Betty C. Seaver)
Born October 23rd 1943

Stanley Richmond Seaver (son of Betty C. Seaver)
Born September 4th 1946.

[the three above were in the hand of Lyle L. Carringer]


Oct. 16 by Rev. McAdams
D.J. Carringer Miss Rebeccah Spangler
Mercer Co. Pa. 1851 AD
[in Rebecca (Spangler) Carringer's hand]

At Wano Kan Sept 11th 1887
By Rev Emanuel Richard
Henry A. Carringer
to Della A. Smith
at Twelve Oclock
[in Henry Austin Carringer's hand]

San Diego- California June 19th 1918
By Rev. H.E. Crabtree - Central Christian Church
Lyle Lawrence Carringer
Emily Kemp Auble
At 6 P.M.
[in Lyle L. Carringer's hand]

San Diego Calif. July 12th 1942
By Rev. Father Stephens - All Saints Episcopal Church
Frederick Walton Seaver
Betty Virginia Carringer
[in hand of Lyle L. Carringer]


Caribou [CO] June 8 1874
Effie E. Carringer Daughter
of DJ & R Carringer
age 15 years 6 months and 12 days
[in the hand of Rebecca (Spangler) Carringer]

National City Calif
May 10th 1890
Devier D. son of H A &
Della A. Carringer aged
8 months & 20 days
[in hand of Henry Austin Carringer]

San Diego Calif
Rebecca Carringer
Aged 69 yrs 8 Months & 11 days
died Dec 13 1901 - She was Daughter
of Daniel & Elisabeth Spangler
[in hand of Henry Austin Carringer?]

San Diego Jan 20 1902
David Jackson Carringer
aged 73 yr - 2 - 17 da
[in hand of Della (Smith) Carringer]

San Diego Calif. Nov. 30, 1946
Henry Austin Carringer, 93 yrs, 4 days, 9:30 AM
[in hand of Lyle L. Carringer]

[Several obituaries are pasted on an untitled page opposite the Deaths page:]

"At Caribou, June 8, 1874, Effie E. Carringer, daughter of D.J. and Rebecca Carringer, aged fifteen years, six months and twelve days.
"The deeply afflicted family have the sincerest sympathy of all the community. The form of their loved one fades from earth.
"But a fair maiden in the Father's mansion,
Clothed with celestial grace,
And beautiful with all the soul's expansion
Shall they behold her face."

"CARRINGER -- In Sheakleyville, Mercer county, April 7th, 1871, of consumption, Eva E., daughter of John Carringer, aged 19 years, 7 months and 22 days.
"Yes, Eva dear, when loved ones stood around thy chair,
In anguish each to weep,
Then calmly bade them all adieu,
And gently fall asleep."

"KELSO -- In Greenville, Pa., Wednesday, Dec. 20th, 1871, Mrs. M.J. Kelso, sister of Mrs. A.L. Power, of this place, aged 31 years and 9 months."

"POWER -- In Summerhill township, Dec. 20th, 1871, of apoplexy of the lungs, Theodore M. Power, in the 60th year of his age."


I doubt that anyone but my brothers and I (and our offspring) are descended from David Jackson and Rebecca (Spangler) Carringer, since:

* Henry Austin Carringer's siblings were Harvey Edgar Carringer, who never married, and Effie E. Carringer, who died unmarried at age 15.

* Henry Austin and Della (Smith) Carringer had two sons - Devier D. who died as an infant, and Lyle L. Carringer.

* Lyle L. Carringer married Emily Kemp Auble and they had one child, Betty Virginia Carringer.

* Betty Carringer married Frederick W. Seaver and had three sons -- Randall, Stanley and Scott.

Obviously, these are all original source records, and most of them are primary information and direct evidence of vital events in the life of this family. Note - only the birth of DJ Carringer and Rebecca Spangler are secondary information.

After my visit to the cemeteries today, and pondering the vagaries of life, I am sensitive to the fact that family records like these should not be held in secret. They should be published wherever or whenever they can be, hence putting it on this blog. I doubt that the deathless prose on this blog will last forever in genealogy cyberspace, and therefore I have included this information in my databases and have passed it on to my brothers and my children in the form of genealogy reports given freely at Christmas. I hope to publish books that include this information and provide them to local libraries and regional genealogy libraries for documentation.

What about you? Any real good family information that you have hidden in your files? Have you passed it to your siblings and children? When will you publish it?

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